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Megical weight loss therepy with Celery and Cumin

Celery (ajwaayin) is a vegetable with hairy and leafy stalk choosen and cultivated since antiquity. Celery seeds are also used as a spice while cooking food. Cumin (jeera) on the other hand is another such cooking spice or seed which is used while frying or cooking vegetables. Cumin is one of the ingredients of cuisines of many cultures. Celery and Cumin together make a perfect combination for shedding weight. Cumin and Celery seed extract (celery juice) is also used as an ingredient in making many weight shedding medicines since ages. If you have planned to work out on your weight this season, you can surly add these two ingredients to your kitchen because of the following health benefits:-

1. No special recipe needed:
Take celery and cumin seeds in an amount of one tablespoon each. Soak them in water overnight and then take the seeds out from water in the morning. Now boil the seeds in freshly taken water and then remove the seeds while filtering the water with the help of wire gauze. Remove the seeds and then squeeze half the slice of a lemon into it. Drink the same lemon added celery and cumin water daily to lose weight and you will see favorable effect within the first initial month.

2. Stay Hydrated, Lose Weight:-
It is a scientifically and medically proven fact that the more water you drink the more weight you lose. Celery has the most of its content or composition in the form of water. Celery is 95% water by weight. This helps you stay hydrated and helps you lose more weight.  Moreover, the more water content you have in your stomach, the less you feel hungry and thus celery can help you control your eating habits as well.

3. Cumin and Celery Tea:-
Take some Coriander leaves along with a teaspoon of cumin seeds, fennel seeds and a teaspoon of celery. Add them in one cup of water and then boil the contents to make tea. You can add sugar or honey if you don’t like the taste. Have this tea daily to experience improved digestion and reduced weight.

4. Low in the Content of Calories:-
Celery and Cumin seeds are also low in the content of calories and thus you can add them to your diet if you wish to cut the content of calories from your diet. Cutting calories is essential for any weight loss plan and thus you should surely choose celery and Cumin if you wish to shed some weight.

5. Make you feel less hungry: –
Cumin helps in digestion but Celery is rich in the content of fiber. One cup of celery contains 2 grams of fiber in it. Fiber makes you feel less hungry as it does not have any calories of its own. It is indigestible and thus your digestive system empties more slowly when fiber is present. Fiber rather absorbs water and keeps your stomach full for a longer period of time. A combo of both, Celery and Cumin thus helps you to improve the digestion of food items rich in calories while maintaining the content of Fiber in your body which is indigestible and hence you feel fuller and less hungry.

6. Rich in the Content of Vitamins, Minerals and Other Such Essentials:-
Celery has a plenty of Vitamins and Minerals in it. It is rich in the content of Potassium, Folate, Vitamin-A and Vitamin-K. Celery moreover, is a perfect diet food. Cumin on the other hand is a rich source of dietary fibre and it contains the vitamins like Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C Vitamin-D, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-K and minerals like Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Magnesium, and Iron etc. in abundance.

7. Best Snack Between Meals:-
Celery stick is a crunchy and satisfying snack that you can enjoy in-between your meals. You can add celery to your dose of daily soups as well. You can also use celery juice as a weight loss drink. You can mix celery with other good fruits if you don’t like its taste. You can also add its juice to the juice of vegetables like cucumber and carrots.

8. Lose Fats and Weight Like A Pro:-
In a recent study, it was mentioned that Cumin and Celery together work like a pro in reducing your body fats. They had also mentioned a twenty days weight loss program where an individual had to add celery and cumin to his/her diet in order to lose weight. Both these ingredients are rather completely natural and don’t show any side effects at all. You can also thus try a combo of both these ingredients for your weight loss program.

9. Metabolism increases, weight decreases:-
Both, Cumin and Celery are proven to bring about the desired improvement in a person’s metabolism. We have also mentioned it earlier that a combo of Cumin and Celery improves your digestion while making you feel less hungry and thus they help you in bringing about the desired downfall in your weight.

10. Add cumin and Celery to Yoghurt or Curd:-
Body builders and weight lifters prefer eating curd or Yoghurt at least one hour before and after their workout schedule as it is an awesome source of proteins and it is rather a probiotic drink as well. You can also enjoy your regular dose of Yoghurt or curd after adding cu.min and celery in it. Probiotic drinks are proven to crowd out the harmful micro-organisms from your stomach and thus this proves to be an added benefit besides weight loss.

11. Make a Weight-Loss Salad with Cumin and Celery:-
Take a bottle gourd and remove its peel or outer skin. Now grate some ginger along with a freshly peeled bottle gourd and slice a few carrots. Now boil the sliced carrots with grated ginger and bottle gourd. Squeeze half the slice of a lemon and pour its juice over these boiled veggies. Sprinkle some powdered cumin and celery over it and have this salad for your dinner. We often eat too heavy for dinner but this dinner if replaced with the celery and cumin salad proves to be an awesome weight loss dish.

12. Melt Your Belly Fats and Get relieved Against the Problem of Gas:-
Cumin and Celery improve digestion and hence reduce the problem of gas people experience because of indigestion or improper digestion. Cumin and celery rather do not let gases accumulate in the stomach and melt the pre-deposited layers of fats from your belly.  They enhance the absorption of bad cholesterol and fats reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes as well.


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