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neem benefits
neem benefits

Neem : Health Benefits,side effects and useful diet plans

Neem with scientific name, ‘Azadirachta Indica’ or Indian Lilac, is a tree native to India which is though bitter in taste but is still packed with awesome health benefits and medicinal benefits which make it a panacea to many disorders. Besides being used for firewood and furniture wood, Neem has countless other such health benefits and medicinal benefits for humans. Neem alone has the power to make you fight all the skin problems including acne, blemishes and other such skin problems. Neem juice is bitter but it has the power to cleanse your stomach and to kill stomach worms. Neem has also been given a place in Hindu rituals and customs because of its medicinal value. Let’s discuss some such health benefits, medicinal benefits, diet plans and safety precautions while eating associated with Neem today:-

Health Benefits Of Neem:-

1. Small branches of Neem tree can be used as a natural tooth brush. Neem is rich in antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties which enable it cleanse mouth properly.

2. Bathing regularly with water boiled adding Neem tree leaves in it once it gets cooled down can relieve you against skin problems and hair problems. Neem juice works well against the problem of dandruff as well.

3. Neem tree leaves, oil and juice have the power to optimize human body’s metabolic activities. It has the potential to remove and eliminate harmful toxins from the human body and to make a person live carefree against these problems.

4. Neem works as an awesome skin exfoliant. It has the power to shrink the size of human skin pores and to open up the clogged pores removing dead cells, skin oil and dirt.

5. Neem tree oil when applied on the aching joints has the power to heal them against joint pain and arthritis pain.

6. Neem works well against skin ulcers and loss of appetite. Neem tree twigs can be used as a cure for minor cough, asthma and even hemorrhoids.

7. Washing hair in water added with Neem tree juice can kill lice present in hair. Neem tree juice also prevents itching of the human scalp.

8. Keeping Neem tree leaves inside the cupboard, almirah or the trunk of your bed will prevent the growth of mice, cockroaches and other such insects at such places.

9. Keeping a few Neem tree leaves in your wardrobe will prevent them from being torn or eaten by mites and insects.

10. In olden days, women also used Neem to make kajal with it. The ashes of Neem tree leaves were used for making kajal or eye color in this process.

Medicinal Benefits of Neem:-

1. Neem is a working medicine against diabetes. People have reported it to be essential and working remedy against blood sugar and insulin response in humans.

2. Oil that is obtained from the Neem tree is very beneficial for hair health. It keeps your hair long and strong. It prevents itching, flakiness and other such problems related with scalp and hair.

3. Usage of Neem tree leaves, Neem tree oil and Neem tree juice has also been recommended for the treatment of conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

4. Most of the soap making, hair product making and skin care product making companies are showing their interest in Neem these days because of its medicinal effect.

5. Neem leaf juice can be applied directly on the skin to cure skin problems like acne, pimples and other such skin problems.

6. People suffering from chicken pox and cow pox also use Neem tree in their houses because of antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties present in Neem.

7. Neem leaf powder can be used as a natural face pack after mixing it with turmeric, sandalwood powder or other such ingredients.

8. Neem is an awesome mosquito repellant. In past times, people used to burn Neem tree leaves in order to repel mosquitoes.

9. If you are suffering from a persisting skin disorder, using Neem tree extract for its cure would be a perfect idea.

10. Neem tree juice works as a perfect mouth wash. It kills germs present in your mouth and enhances your oral health as well.

Diet Plans That Include Neem:-

1. People suffering from Intestinal worms are often advised to try consuming newly flourishing leaves of the Neem tree. This kills the intestinal worms and keeps the person healthy.

2. Neem tree extract has also been found helpful in birth control. Thus people expecting birth control approaches might also try it.

3. Neem tree products are associated with very less or nearly ‘No’ side effects if consumed in a controlled amount. Still we would recommend you to consult it first with your doctor if you are suffering from any kind of plant allergies.

4. Neem is also used in making various dishes. Neem leaf is used to enhance taste of curries and other such consumables.

5. People in Uttarakhand part of India use sweet Neem and Neem as one of the ingredients in making besan pakoras for their tourist customers.

Safety Precautions :

1. Several studies have claimed Neem to result in an unwanted conception. People expecting the arrival of a baby should never let the associated woman consume any Neem tree product at any cost as Neem is a natural contraceptive and it works like a birth control pill for such associated woman.

2. Neem tree leaves, bark, juice and Neem tree seeds are all very bitter in taste. We should never consume them in an excessive amount as else this might even result in vomiting and other such side effects.

3. Long term use of Neem tree oil in an excessive amount can harm kidneys and liver in adults while in neonates, Neem tree oil is toxic and can even kill them. Despite of this, Neem tree is thought to be a symbol of health and people still give it a place in customs and rituals related to birth and death both.

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