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Oily skin
oily skin

Oily Skin : Care and Maintainance, ways to cure Oily Skin

Oily skin is a skin that produces oil in an excessive amount. This oil attracts dirt and dead cells in skin pores and makes them clogged resulting in various skin problems. People having oily skin are always worried about the skin treatment products they choose as not all the products suit their skin. If any such person is worried about his/her skin tone, they must be baffled with the countless skin care products available in the market as well. Well if you have an oily skin, you need not to worry as oily skin does n’t means you need any chemical substitute but instead a little bit care and a choice of some kitchen ingredients as home remedies will surely prove to be a boon for you to lighten this oily skin naturally. Here are some tips that will help you in doing the same:-

1. Use Apple or tomato Juice as a Skin Whitening Tonic:-
Apple juice is rich in alpha-hydroxy acids which improve the flexibility of your skin and enhance its skin tone making it lighter than before. Same can be done by using tomatoes.  Tomatoes have natural skin whitening and lightening properties in them which make them a very useful home ingredient that can be used for lightening oily skin. It rather acts as natural bleach for your skin and helps in making it lightened and better.

2. Use Milk and Buttermilk:-
Milk or butter milk mixed with some rose water always acts as a better substitute for the treatment of skin that has become darkened due to sun burn. Just make a mix of butter milk/milk & rose water and dip a cotton ball in it. Use this mixture gently on your skin.  Keep this paste applied on your skin for at least 10 minutes and then rinse it off with water. Your skin will become lightened with a regular application of this paste.

3. Lemon Juice and Tomato Juice:-
Lemon since ages has been chosen as a skin treatment remedy by people. It can be used as a natural skin cleanser for skin of all types. Lemon skin is rather also rich in the content of Vitamin-C which is found to be very beneficial for human skin. You can make a mix of lemon juice and tomato juice to apply on your oily skin to cleanse it better and to make it lightened with regular application of this remedy.

4. Licorice Juice as A Skin Treatment Option:-

Licorice juice or licorice extract is an awesome remedy against signs of ageing. It is also an effective remedy against skin disorders like acne, dark circles and other such skin ailments like blemishes. A person with oily skin can easily use licorice juice or licorice extract on his/her skin to make it lightened and healthy. Licorice juice is also rich in ‘Glabridin’ which is an essential ingredient for fighting darkness of skin that has resulted because of a prolonged exposure to sun.

5.  Sandalwood Powder Mixed In Cucumber Juice:-
Grate a freshly peeled cucumber and squeeze it up to obtain juice from it. Now mix this juice in sandalwood powder and make paste with it. Use this paste as a face pack on your face and then rinse it off with water once it gets dried on your skin. This face pack works well to reduce darkness from skin and to make it lightened once more.

6.  Mulberry Extract to Fight Dark Pigmentation of Skin:-

People suffering from formation of dark patches or pigmentation on their skin can rely on Mulberry as a treatment option against these dark patches. Apply mulberry extract twice or thrice a day on all affected areas of your skin to get rid from these dark patches more quickly. The other such remedies include the usage of papaya juice or potato juice for the treatment of sunburns and pigmentation.

7. Use a Mix of Strawberry and Milk on Your Skin:-
Make a mix of strawberry and milk and apply it regularly on your skin. This mixture proves very beneficial in treating the damage that harmful U.V rays coming from the sun have caused to us. Strawberries are rich in the content of Vitamin-C which is the main constituent which makes orange peel and lemon juice an excellent choice to make for skin.  This mixture prevents your skin from excessive oil collection/formation in the skin pores and keeps cleansing them besides making your skin lightened.

8. Bearberry Extract for Oily Skin:- 

If you have an oily kind of skin, you can use bearberry extract as a natural skin astringent for it. Bearberry extract has natural skin lightening properties in it which make it a pro for skin. A regular application of this extract on human skin is proven to lighten the skin tone naturally. Besides this, it can also help you fight the signs of ageing and other skin problems like blemishes etc.

9. Use Aloe Vera Juice to Enhance Cell Repair:-

Aloe Vera juice enhances skin repair and enhances the formation of new skin cells. It improves the complexion of skin and makes it lightened and brightened. It can be applied directly on the human skin without mixing any special kind of ingredients. Just apply it externally and keep it applied for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. Now rinse it off with water and follow the same approach everyday to observe better results.10.

10. Use Turmeric Mixed In Sandalwood Powder and Fuller’s Earth:-

Turmeric is not just a kitchen spice used to impart color to various dishes and cooked vegetables but it is also an awesome skin repair remedy as well. Turmeric enhances skin repair from inside and this is why it has been bought in use since ages as a medicine against burns and wounds. You can apply it directly on the skin to fight any skin problem. You can also use it as a face pack or skin pack by mixing a favourable amount of sandalwood powder and fuller’s earth in it. A regular application of this face/skin pack on your skin will make it lightened naturally.

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