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oral disorder
oral disorder

Oral Disorder/Disease : What We Should Consume

Oral disorders include the ones like bad breath, tooth decay, Gum problems, Tooth sensitivity & erosion, Tooth aches, Dental emergencies, pyorrhea etc.  No-one likes to sit close to a person with stinking mouth or bad breath. Teeth with cavities are easily prone to breakage. Bleeding or weak gums often meet sensitivity and this result in a great pain and inflammation. In order to reduce the chances of such oral health problems, there is a great need to adopt some changes with the items you consume as the food items you consume always play a great role in maintenance of your oral health. Some such food items to keep away oral disorders can be named as follows:-

1. Cloves and Clove Oil:-

Clove is one of the best essentials for cavities and mouth problems. Even the leading toothpaste making companies use clove as one of the main ingredients for their products. Clove oil can be used as a dental cleaner after mixing it with salt. Clove provides an anti-inflammatory effect for inflammation of gums and reduces the growth of bacteria in mouth.

2. Neem Tree Branch as a natural tooth brush:-
Neem tree branch is used as a natural tooth brush for teeth. Neem tree juice treats cavities and reduces the bacteria that results in these cavities. Neem is bitter in taste but healthy for gums. Because of the same reason, most herbal toothpastes these days use neem tree juice as one of their active ingredients. Neem is the best herbal and natural treatment for all your oral health problems.

3. Amla Juice for Oral Health Problems:-
Amla or Indian Gooseberry is rich in the content of Vitamin-C. Vitamin-C has bacteria and infection fighting properties which make it ideal for gum problems and cavities.  Amla promotes healing of swollen gums and promotes good oral health. It relieves your mouth against tooth decay and keeps your teeth fit and fine.

4. Salt as an Antiseptic and Antibacterial Dentist:-
Salt has antiseptic and antibacterial properties in it. This helps it reduce inflammation and prevent any kind of mouth/oral infections. Gargle with salt water can also cure you against throat problems. Salt reduces the growth of bacteria in your mouth and saves them against tooth decay as well. Salt can also be used as a tooth powder after mixing it with oil.

5. Garlic and Licorice Mouth Wash:-
Use a Grinding jar for grinding freshly peeled garlic cloves and then turn it in paste. Now add some rock salt and licorice root powder in it and then apply it on the tooth affected with cavities. You will soon get relieved against this cavity problem. Licorice and Garlic reduce plaque in mouth. Licorice is also used as a natural toothbrush by some people.

6. Turmeric for Mouth and Gum Problems:-
For bleeding gums and cheeks bleeding from inside, we can use turmeric paste as an internal healer. It helps you reduce cavities and keeps your mouth healthy. Turmeric can also be used as a healing mouth wash. Babool tree extract and babool tree branches can be directly used as a natural toothbrush for teeth. Mix some Vitamin-E oil with turmeric to apply it on your gums. Your gums will soon become healthier.

7.Coconut Milk for Mouth Ulcers:-

Coconut milk gargle is the best home remedy for mouth ulcers. Coconut milk can be obtained by juicing freshly taken coconut meat. Coconut Milk has healing properties in it and this helps it cure oral problems from inside. Coconut milk gargle if practiced daily has the power to cure all your mouth problems.

8. Coriander and Fenugreek:-
Coriander is used as a garnishing veggie for most of vegetables. Fenugreek is used both, as a spice and garnishing ingredient. Both these ingredients are proven to show curative results against mouth problems and ulcers of mouth. You can chew their leaves directly. You can also juice them up to obtain juice for direct application.

9. Basil Leaves for throat problems:-
Basil, which is also known as the king of herbs is used as an active component of a majority of Indian toothpastes because of its medicinal benefits. You can chew basil leaves daily to get rid of your oral health problems. You can also apply basil juice directly on your bleeding gums with the help of a cotton ball dipped in basil juice.

10. Baking Soda and Water as Your Regular Mouth Wash:-
Sodium Bicarbonate or baking soda can be used directly as a dental powder after mixing it up with a suitable amount of mustard oil. Baking soda relieves you against the problem of bad breath and makes you feel refreshing again. You can also use baking soda after mixing it in water as your regular mouth wash for the treatment of bad breath problem.

11. Tea Tree Oil and Black Pepper against Bacteria:-
Tea tree oil eliminates the harmful bacteria from your mouth which otherwise result in tooth decay. Tea tree oil mixed with pepper is an ideal solution against the problems like tooth infections, toothaches, gum diseases etc. If tooth problems still persist, consult your dentist and seek counseling. Sometimes, contamination of water can also be a result of your oral health problems. In order to cope up with such problems, you should switch to purified water.

12. Aloe Vera Juice and Gel for Bleeding Gums:-
Aloe Vera juice has a healing kind of effect against problems related with an individual’s bleeding gums. Wash out your mouth with salt added water and then use Aloe Vera juice by dabbing an Aloe Juice dipped cotton ball on your gums. It provides an anti inflammatory effect against all the oral health problems like bad breath, ulcers, cavities etc.

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