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Dark Lips to Pink Lips Naturally – Easy Home Remedies

Pink and Rosy lips is what every women desires for and longs to have. Rosy lips and dimpled cheeks make half a woman’s beauty and half her looks. Same is the case with men. A male with light rosy lips is thought to be appealing in terms of personality and physique and this is why most of the people keep seeking for ways to lighten their lips and to turn them pinkish instead of being dark. People have dark lips because of a variety of reasons. Some of these include a prolonged exposure to sunlight, allergies, chewing tobacco, drinking and other such habits. Hormonal imbalance can also sometimes result in making your lips dark. If you wish to lighten your lips naturally, the following tips can be bought in use by you:-

1. Use Sugar to Remove Dead Skin Cells:-
Sugar might seem to be just a simple kitchen sweetener to some people but it is actually a very awesome exfoliator for your lips. It helps in removing dead skin cells from human lips and prevents them from appearing dark and dull. To use sugar for making your lips lightened with time, you just need to blend some granulated sugar and mix it with butter or ghee to make thick paste. You can use this paste daily as a scrub for your lips to lighten them naturally.

2. Use Rose and Rose Water on Your Lips:-
Dry some rose leaves in shade and then convert them in powdered form. Now mix this powder well with some milk and add some glycerin and rose water to it. Use this mixture daily on your lips to make them lightened with time and to make them more pinkish in color. Follow the same approach every night before going to bed and it will make your lips naturally pink.

3. Don’t Smoke ever:-
Say no to smoking as people who smoke have yellow teeth and a stinking mouth. Such people have dark lips that can’t be made lightened so easily. If you wish to make your lips naturally pink, you should avoid every ill habit like smoking. To make your lips get lightened with time. You can also apply ghee on them daily while sleeping to enhance your lip health and to make them pink naturally.

4. Massage Your Lips with Olive Oil:-
This trick works the best for women. You should massage your lips daily with drops of olive oil to make your lips healthy, vibrant and alive. This also makes your lips lightened with time and makes them pinkish in nature. Olive oil works as a moisturizer for your lips and helps them retain the content of moisture. Moist lips look more pinkish and less dark. You should follow this approach daily while sleeping.

5. Lemon and Lemon Juice to Bleach Your Lips naturally:-
Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and thus it works as natural bleach for your skin as well as for your lips. Because of the same reason, people use it as a cleanser for their skin and to darken their lips too. In order to use lemon for lightening your lips, you just need to slice a lemon into two halves and then apply its juice on your lips before going to bed for sleeping. It is better if you mix some glycerin or honey with lemon juice before applying it on your lips.

6. Drink less Coffee and More Pomegranate Juice:-
Consuming carbonated beverages or caffeine rich products like coffee can also make your lips dark with time. You should avoid consuming such products if you wish to make your lips lightened with time. Consuming betel nut or paan can also make your lips dark. You should also avoid chewing paan in order to lighten your lips in a favorable way. Instead of consuming caffeine rich drinks, it is better if you consume pomegranate juice. It can help you lighten your lips naturally if you consume this juice regularly.

7. Apply Beetroot Juice on Your Lips daily:-
Beetroot juice is an ingredient that makes you get pink lips naturally if you apply it daily on your lips. Apply fresh beetroot juice daily on your lips while sleeping to lighten your lips in a natural and working way. Same kind of benefits can be achieved using carrot juice instead of beetroot juice. Both these juices can help you get lightened and pink lips naturally. Be careful about the health of your lips during summers as well as winters. Season should never be an impediment for you when we talk about skin care, hair care or lip care.

8. Don’t Use Low Quality Lipsticks:-
Using lower quality lipsticks can result in pigmentation of lips in women. Cheap lipsticks might save some bucks from your pockets but they always make you compromise with beauty instead of enhancing it. You should use beauty products to increase your beauty and not just as a formality because others are using it. Women should spare themselves from using such low quality products.

9. Keep Your Lips Hydrated To Retain Moisture:-
Dry lips always look rough and dehydrated. They rather look dark and less presentable. In order to make your lips look pinkish and light, you should try doing everything that helps you retain some moisture on your lips. If nothing is available, applying some Vaseline or any other good petroleum jelly will also help you do so. Dried lips always look bad and thus you should try to retain moisture with your lips.

10. Minimize Your Exposure to Sun:-
Some people are habitual of working under the sun but even if they are habitual of doing so, this can’t safeguard their lips from getting dark with time. Such people should avoid exposing their lips to harsh rays of sun by tying a folded handkerchief on their mouth. Such people can also choose to use sun screen products to save their lips against sun. An exposure to sun rather increases the pigment of melanin in your lips which makes your lips dark with time.

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