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Is Protein Drinks Help You Gain Weight
Is Protein Drinks Help You Gain Weight

Protein drinks helps in gaining weight : Why is it so ?

Is Protein Drinks Help You Gain Weight.
Protein is the basic nutrient needed for body building. Though weight gain completely depends on how much calories a person consumes, yet people relate it with proteins. Thus If a protein shake can make you gain weight or not, it totally depends on the number of calories present in it.  A protein shake made with skimmed milk or low-fat milk has more calories and thus this kind of drink might suit more than the other available ones.  Actually, protein drinks can make you gain weight as well as lose it if consumed in a desired proper manner. In order to gain weight with proteins, here are some steps that you need to follow:-

Keep In Track the Number of Calories You Consume:-
Keep in track the number of calories you consume so that you may be able to calculate and regulate the presence of proteins in your diet. Simply keep a track of calories you usually get from your diet and then adjust the amount of proteins accordingly.  1 single gram of protein has 4 calories in it. Proteins consumed in an excess are also harmful just like they are harmful when consumed in a low amount. Following this pre-planned, tracked and monitored consumption plan for proteins will easily make you gain weight and that too in a healthy way.

Gain Weight slowly and gradually:-
Some people think that proteins will make them gain weight all of a sudden. This is completely wrong. You have to gain weight slowly and gradually with proteins. This is the safest way of gaining weight.  Trying to gain weight all of a sudden might come up with negative effects for the body. The safest way to gain weight is to gain it pounds by pounds each week.

Avoid Over-Consuming or Skipping the Meals:-
Some people often start over-consuming protein shakes and consumables in order to gain weight rapidly. This should not be done at all. You should never try over-consuming or skipping your meals in order to gain or lose weight. Over-consuming the meals is harmful as it makes your calorific intake abnormal. Skipping the meals is also bad in a way that it makes you more hungry for the next meal and this makes you eat more at that time which is equally harmful.

Know the Counter-Productive Effects of Over-Consumption:-
Never consume too many protein shakes or protein based products/supplements in order to gain more weight. This should not be done at all as over-consumption has some counter-productive effects which prove harmful for the human body.  The effects are dangerous.  Our body can use only a specific amount of proteins consumed. The others consumed in an excess are completely dangerous for the body. These are stored in the body as a heap and take time in getting used. This results in over-working of the body system and hence results in further health problems.

Don’t Abstain From Exercising:-
When you consume proteins, remember that you need to exercise also. Proteins can’t be used by the body if we don’t exercise along with this consumption. Thus you shouldn’t abstain from exercising in order to use these calories and proteins. You should adopt strength training and weight training measures.  Strength training helps you add more muscle mass to the body.

Know the Side Effects:-
I had a friend who was so nasty that he started consuming protein supplements and shakes in order to gain weight rapidly and he got so insane to increase weight that he kept consuming these shakes and supplements all the time. This resulted in an over-load of calories and proteins in his body and soon his body became unable to use all the proteins consumed by him. As a result, these proteins got piled up in his body and his body shape became funny. Consuming proteins in an excess won’t ever help you in gaining weight. Instead it will become another problem for you. You should consume only a safe and recommended amount of proteins. Besides this, you should exercise in order to use all the proteins consumed by yourself.

Deriving The Conclusion:-
To the question if protein drinks can help you gain weight or not, my answer would simply be ‘Yes’ but only if you take a requisite amount of proteins and that too in a healthy way. The level of your workout and exercising should also be according to the level of proteins consumed by you in your diet. Besides this, you should always follow a strength training program by staying in touch with a health expert and gym diet expert. You should never let the proteins consumed by yourself to become a trouble for your body. It is thus better if this is done under the surveillance of a strength trainer or gym trainer.

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