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Protien Diet
Protien Diet

Protein Intake How and Why : A Perfect Guide for Better Muscles and Body

when we talk about the muscles and body fitness, we talk seriously about the overall health and harmony with the body. As protein is the basic body building ingredient, we can’t forget to mention the role that protein plays in maintaining overall fitness and in building the body muscles. Your diet plays a very essentially important role in improving the composition of your body.  People on a weight or muscle training always switch to ingredients rich in proteins to improve their body composition. An average person’s body is composed of as much as 25% proteins in total. The rest 25% is found in the form of carbohydrates and other such constituents. Now as approximately 1/4th of our body needs include ‘Proteins’, we should ensure its presence in our daily diet & to the question ‘How much protein should we consume in our diet’, Let’s have a look at the following few facts:-

1. Daily Protein Needs Of a Person:-
An average healthy person needs as much as 65-70 grams of protein per day to meet his daily needs. The American Dietetic Association recommends a daily allowance of 0.36g per pound weight for a person, which means that if a person weights one pound, he or she should eat 0.36grams of proteins daily.  According to NSCA, athletic people should consume as much as 0.8grams of proteins while the other ones should consume not more than 0.5 grams of proteins per pound weight daily.

2. Your Protein Needs Depend On Your Level of Workout Also:-
My fitness trainer always used to say, the more you workout, the more proteins you need. Your protein requirements always depend on how much exercises you add to your schedule. People spending more time in weight training and strength building should consume more amounts of proteins in their diet.

3. Depends Also On the Source of Proteins: –
 There are two types of proteins found in nature. One type is ‘Complete protein’ and other is the ‘Incomplete protein’.  Complete proteins are rich in all the essential amino acids while incomplete proteins don’t contain all the essential amino acids that complete proteins contain. Complete proteins are mostly found in animal based sources while incomplete protein sources are mostly the plant based sources.

4. Is Protein A Non-Vegetarian Ingredient:-
You must have heard people saying that protein is all about eating animal products but this is not fully true. Complete protein is majorly found in animal sources and this is why some people believe that protein can be obtained only from animal sources but you can also get your need of proteins through a completely vegan diet. This includes the names like legumes, grains, nuts etc. If you hate flesh, you can instead shift to an eggeatarian diet as well.

5. Multiple Protein Based Foods Or Single Protein Based Diet:-
Some people also believe that they need to combine several protein rich ingredients in their diet to get a complete dosage of amino acids from their protein based diet but this is not so. They can also consume a single product as a single meal and keep shifting other products for other meals to do so. The main effect lies in eating variety of foods day to day.

6. Can Eating More Proteins Deteriorate My Health:-
The answer is ‘No’ as far as you keep exercising. Eating more proteins can’t have an ill impact on your muscles. It will rather make you look muscular and give you a tough build. Eating protein supplements can rather prove dangerous and cause side effects if you don’t workout at all and rather keeping lying in your bed all the day.

7. How Much Exactly Do I Need To Consume:-
According to our fitness expert Mr. Sumit Saini and Ms. Jyoti Raman, a person who weights 150lbs should consume 150 to 160 grams of proteins throughout a day to get a body that looks completely maintained. He can consume as much as 1 to 1.2 grams of proteins per every single pound weight. They also recommended this intake only for normal weighted people. Overweighed people have fats in an excess deposited in their body and thus they should reduce their protein intake instead of increasing it. Like suppose if you weight 400lbs, you should consume only 150-200 grams of proteins per day.

8. Proteins and Calories:-
According to a report, 1 gram of protein contains approximately four calories in it. Some people prefer eating less calories and such people can consume proteins accordingly. Building of muscles requires amino   acids and thus it is very essential to ensure the presence of all kind of amino acids in a diet. Such a diet is very essential for those who work out to ensure muscle and body growth. The proteins you eat contain amino acids and these amino acids help body to produce its own proteins when consumed.

9. Consume More Proteins To Cure Muscle Impairment: –
People with muscles deficient in amino acids often experience impairment of muscles. They should consume more proteins to enhance repair of muscles and to fight the impairment of their muscles. Our body cells often die and regenerate. Consuming proteins is thus necessary to enhance the repair of cells, tissues, muscles and organs. For the same reason, athletes and body builders need comparatively larger amount of proteins to be consumed in their diet.

10. Keep It Normal until and unless you are working out In the Beast Mode:-
Contemporary world is the world where people prefer muscles and a built enough body. People work in various exercising modes like normal mode, tough mode and beast mode. Normal mode is the beginning mode where people workout normally. In this mode, your body needs fewer proteins. The next mode is tough mode where our body need for proteins is slightly higher than normal and then there comes beast mode where a person focuses more on workout than any other work of daily routine. In this workout mode, you need to consume a bit more amount of proteins depending on your strength and training. If you are following this workout mode for your body, you should consult your gym trainer or body trainer to judge protein needs of your body in a perfect manner.

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