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eye bags under eyes
eye bags under eyes

Herbal Homemade Cure for Puffy Eyes (Eye Bags under Eyes)

Periorbital Puffiness or Puffy eyes or the problem of bags under the eyes refers to the area around an affected individual’s eyes that has experienced swelling in the surrounding tissues called orbits. These bags get formed around an individual’s eyes because of accumulation of fluids around his/her eyes. Black under eyes or puffy eyes make a person look really awkward. His complete appearance gets changed and he look older than what he/she actually is. Bags under the eyes can be seen in a person who is unable to get sufficient sleep. These can occur either due to the build up of blood or even salt in the target areas.  Sinus congestion and nasal inflammation can also result in dark circles around the eyes and retention of fluid can also make the eyes experience puffiness in some cases. If you have experienced the same problem in your case, you can bring the following remedies in use to cure yourself against it:-

1. Monitor Your Intake of Sodium:-
You must have felt bloating in your stomach after excessive consumption of Sodium based foods. The same Sodium can also result in making your eyes puffy because of excessive eating. Some people experience puffiness of eyes because of Same ‘Sodium’ which accumulated under the eyes when you consume it more than needed.  Thus the first thing that you need to do against the puffiness of eyes is to monitor your intake of salt and to limit its consumption. Everything eaten in an access is dangerous for health and thus you should never consume Sodium in an access.

2. Drink more and More Water:-
The more you drink, the more you urinate and your urine is nothing but some impurities combined with salt and water. Thus we advise you to drink more and more water if you wish to get rid from the formation of bags under the eyes. Drinking enough water enough chances for consumed Sodium to get eliminated from the body. It rather prevents the build-up of Sodium on the area around eyes and prevents you from experiencing the puffiness of eyes. Drinking more water rather causes less retention and helps to eliminate more toxins out from your body.

3. Use Cold Therapy to Treat Your Eyes:-
Cold compress or cold therapy is one of the best therapies available for the cure of bags under the eyes problem. Cold compresses help to tighten the skin around your eyes and help to make the blood vessels feel more relaxed. In order to use this approach, you just need to deep freeze some spoons or ice cubes and then to use them against the affected surface to make it get rid from the problem of bag under the eyes. Practice this approach daily to observe better results.

4. Use Teabags to Cure Eye Bags:-
Take some used green or black tea bags or chamomile tea bags and deep freeze them in your freezer or refrigerator. Now use them against the affected area of your skin. This will soothe your skin against irritation and relieve you against swelling that your eyes have experienced because of eye bags. These teabags can also be used as a cure against redness of the skin.

5. Use Cucumbers and Cucumber Juice:-
Cucumbers have a cool essence. Their juice provides a cool and soothing kind of effect against the irritation caused by eye bags to a person.  Thus you need not deep freeze cucumber before use but it is better if you do so as it will provide added quick results. Just slice a cucumber and use these slices to treat the inflammation and irritation of skin. It will soothe your skin and relieve your eyes against the problem of eye bags within just a few days of application.

6. Use Egg Whites against Puffy Eyes:-
Egg white has skin lightening and skin brightening properties in it. It can also help to relieve you against the puffiness of eyes. Just take egg white and whip it thoroughly. Add a few drops of witch hazel in it and apply this mixture on the affected area around your eyes gently. Don’t wash it off till it does n’t gets dried completely. Wash it afterwards and observe the results with regular application.

  1. Apply Chilled Milk or Milk Cream:-
    Freeze some milk in the refrigerator and take it out as soon as it becomes cold enough. Now dip a cotton ball in this milk and apply it on the puffy area around your eyes. Same can be done by using milk cream instead of milk. You can also use buttermilk if milk is not available for this purpose. You can also use simple plain water for this purpose. The main benefit is in the coldness of water/milk or cream that you are using. It will, provide you an instant relief against irritation, inflammation and puffiness that these eye bags come up with.8. Use Potatoes and Bottle Gourd Juice:-
    Just like a cucumber, even bottle gourd and potatoes can be used the same way to treat the puffiness of eyes. The content of starch present in potatoes proves to be an awesome remedy for the treatment of inflammation of the eyes. It also proves helpful in the elimination of dark circles as well.

    9. Treat Your Skin with the Goodness of Vitamin-E:-
    Vitamin-E is one of the natural skin enhancers that you can use in order to treat your skin against disorders like the problem of bags under the eyes. Just take some chilled water and add some drops of Vitamin-E oil to it. Dip some cotton balls in this mixture and then put these cotton balls over the affected area of your eyes for some time. This will reduce the swelling around your eyes and treat you against the problem of eye bags in a better way.

    10. Keep Splashing Your Eyes with Cold Water:-
    Keep splashing your eyes with cold water during the day. This will reduce swelling around your eyes. Also try to drink a plenty of juices and fluids. Even if you consume buttermilk, it should be added with roasted fennel seeds instead of salt. If the problem still persists, you should meet a health expert as soon as possible.

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