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removal of facial hairs
removal of facial hairs

10 Amazing Natural ways to get rid of facial hairs for women and men

An unwanted growth of hair on an individual’s lips, chin or cheeks and other such places is very common with some people. As all these places cover an individual’s facial region, the hair growing at such places are called facial hair. Unwanted hair growth is always abnormal and it is often termed as ‘Hirsutism’ in the language of science. The problem of unwanted hair is common not just with males but females as well. People with unwanted facial hair growth always feel embarrassing because of it. Some even take it as a beauty or charm spoiling factor. In such a time, people need something which removes these unwanted hair and prevents them from growing back again. The same can be achieved with a homemade facemask which can be prepared following these simple remedies:-

1. Make Sugar and Honey Wax for Your Skin:-
Take three teaspoons full of kitchen sugar and heat them in equal amount of water. Let it turn into the form of syrup. Add one and half teaspoon of honey in it and then heat it again while stirring.  Allow the mixture get cooled for some time. Now take a spatula and apply this mixture on areas with unwanted growth of hair.  Put a strip of cotton cloth over it and let the cloth settled over the mixture applied surface of your skin for a few minutes. Now pull off the cloth after some time in the opposite direction, facial hair from that region will get plucked away with the cloth.

2. Use Chickpea Pace Mask:-
In this approach, we dab and dust the target area with some chickpea flour. Now we take two teaspoon of the same flour in two teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of glycerine and a teaspoon of turmeric to form a paste like mixture. This paste is to be applied on target areas with unwanted facial growth. Once applied, this mixture is to be kept applied for at least 15-20 minutes and then one has to scrub it off. This will result in a reduced growth of facial hair and most of the pre existing hair will also get plucked off while scrubbing.

3. Spearmint Tea for Hairs That Grow Because Of Hormonal Imbalance:-
The excessive production of Androgen in a person’s body can also result in a facial hair growth. This facial hair growth that occurs because of hormonal imbalance can be easily combated by consuming spearmint tea. Spearmint tea if consumed daily has the power to regulate your hormonal levels and to bring about a balance of hormones. Spearmint tea if drunk twice a day has the power to prevent unwanted facial growth by maintaining a favourable hormonal balance.

4. Lemon and Honey Mask:-
Take three teaspoons of honey and add squeeze half the slice of a lemon in it. Don’t heat the mixture this time and rather apply it as it is on your face. Honey is itself sticky enough. Now take some lukewarm water and soak a strip of cotton cloth in it. Take the strip out and put it over the place where you have applied your lemon and honey mixture. Press the surface of this cloth to allow it merge and settle up with the mixture. Keep the cloth as it is for at least twenty to twenty five minutes and then remove the cloth. Your unwanted facial hair will also get plucked off with it.

5. Use Herbal Extract Face Masks:-
Using thread to pluck unwanted hair out is not always favourable for skin. In such a time, you can rely on herbal extracts to get rid of unwanted hair from your facial skin. One such herbal extract is chasteberry herbal extract. It is rather a natural remedy against Hirsutism. You can make a homemade facemask with this herb to balance your hormonal level and also to get rid of unwanted facial hair growth.

6. Use Gelatin Face Mask:-
Gelatin is the same ingredient from which the products like hair gels are made.  Just take 1tbsp of unflavoured gelatin with a few drops of lime juice and 5-10ml of milk or cream. Stir these well and then heat the mixture while stirring. Let the mixture get cooled to some extent so that its temperature becomes bearable. Now apply this mixture on your face and let a cotton strip set down on its surface. Pull off the cotton strip after half hour to remove unwanted hair from the target surface.

7. Use Barley, Lime and Milk Scrub:-
Take 1tbsp barley powder, 1tbsp lime juice, 1tbsp milk or milk cream and 1tbsp glycerine in a container and mix them well. Apply this paste on your skin and put a cotton cloth strip over it. Let the strip settle down on mixture applied over your skin for at least twenty minutes and then pull it off. Wash off the face afterwards. Your skin will get free from unwanted facial growth if you repeat this process twice or thrice in an entire week.

8. Use a Home Made Papaya Mask:-
Papaya is a fruit known because of its health benefits. Its pulp works like natural bleach for unwanted facial hair growth. Just mix some turmeric in the pulp extracted out of a papaya and then massage it on your skin for a few minutes. Let the extract sit on your skin surface for at least five to ten minutes and then wash it off with water. Repeat the same process twice a day. You will soon see a reduced hair growth in that part of your facial skin.

9. The Egg White Face Mask:-

Take egg while out of one single egg and mix it up with some corn starch, sugar and turmeric powder. You can add some honey as well. Make a sticky mixture with these ingredients and then apply this mixture on your skin with unwanted facial hair.  Put a cotton cloth strip over the skin surface applied with the mixture and then let the strip and mixture sit on your skin surface for at least twenty minutes. Pull off the strip of cloth to get rid of your facial hair and then rinse your skin with water afterwards.

10. Use Saw Palmetto Extract as A Face Mask:-
Saw palmetto extract can be used as a facial hair growth prevention face mask as it has anti-androgenic properties in it. Because of the same reason, saw palmetto is also used in making hair removal medicines as well. You should be careful while using saw palmetto as it can come up with side effects in some cases like in pregnancy. It should be used only after consulting with an expert.

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