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saffron health benefits
saffron health benefits

Saffron (Zafraan) : Health Benefits, Natural Remedies, Ingredients and Diet Plans

Saffron is a product obtained from the flowers of Zafraan flowering plant. Saffron is mainly used as a food coloring agent. People know it because of its cost (As it is processed with hands), benefits and usage in Indian customs, traditions and values. In Indian movies, wives after marriage are shown making saffron dessert and sweets for their husbands. They are also shown adding it in the milk of their husbands. Saffron’s strength is dependent on its quality which is why the best packets of saffron cost like gold. Saffron is measured in the form of its threads of strands and just a little amount of saffron is enough to add taste, color and medicinal value to any specific dish. Saffron is often soaked in warm of boiled water several minutes before adding it to any specific cuisine and obviously, every single strand of saffron is of a great value for humans. Some such benefits of saffron for humans can be listed as follows:-

Health Benefits Of Zafraan:-

1. Saffron is bought in use in many culinary recipes all over the world because of its unique flavor. Saffron is rich in approximately 150 volatile compounds which prove to be really helpful for an individual’s overall well being.

2. The presence of carotenoids in saffron acts as a stress and immunity booster for everyone.

3. The ‘safranal’ and ‘alfa-crocin’ volatile oil compounds present in saffron work as great immunity boosters and anti-deoressants. Thus you can keep depression at bay easily by consuming a few strands of saffron regularly.

4. Saffron has the power to detoxify the body, heal the cramps and to treat other such disorders. Saffron also has the power to boost an individual’s sex life.

5. Saffron works as a pro for both, digestion and digestive health problems. You won’t experience any kind of digestive problems if you consume a few strands of saffron regularly.

  1. Consuming saffron also enhances the repair of cells. It improves the health and repair of your decaying, dead and damaged cells.

    7. The presence and abundance of mineral contents along with approximately 150 volatile compounds in saffron also make it very beneficial for an individual’s overall health.

    8. It increases the level of serotonin in your body which makes you eat less when skipping your meals. Besides this, it has the power to improve your appetite and mood as well.

    9. Saffron works like a perfect nutritional supplement for everyone. Let there be any reason you choose for consuming it. Let it be used as a food color, food taste enhancer or simply any other purpose, this won’t ever end or limit the number of benefits you can enjoy because of saffron consumption.

    10. Saffron has been given a place in Indian customs and traditions because there is an abundance of health packed nutrients in it.

    Medicinal Benefits of Zafraan:-

  2. People use saffron over scalp as a scalp treatment therapy. Saffron is one of the best treatment options available till date for the treatment of disorders like Alopecia or baldness.
  3. If one wishes to have a radiant and glowing kind of skin, he/she can use saffron face pack to make his. /her skin radiating and glowing.
  4. Saffron works well against the problem of pimples as well. We can use it for the other skin problems like acne, blemishes, and wrinkles and block spots etc. also.
  5. Saffron is rich in anti-oxidants and thus it prevents the harmful free radicals from resulting in cell damage or spread of cancer cells.
  6. The abundance of minerals like iron, potassium, Calcium, Manganese, iron, magnesium, zinc and selenium etc. makes saffron an essential substitute for the treatment of blood pressure. The high potassium and low sodium diet is a very important combination for treatment of blood pressure and same is the case with saffron.
  7. The presence of bio-chemical compounds like zea-xanthin, lycopene, α- and β- carotene etc. makes saffron an ideal ingredient and immunity booster against diseases like cancer.
  8. Consuming saffron on a regular basis can also enhance the formation of haemoglobin in an individual’s body. Saffron is rich in the content of iron which makes it a working remedy against diseases like anaemia.
  9. Saffron can be used as a pain reliever to get relieved against the pain of periods in women.
  10. Saffron enhances both your physical beauty as well as your dental beauty. You can use saffron as a remedy against toothache and aching gums. Application of saffron daily on the skin in form of face pack would really help enhance the skin tone.
  11. Saffron is a great analgesic and it works well against cough and cold. It helps a person develop immunity and serves to be a great cure for neurological problems as well.

Side Effects Of Saffron Consumption:-
Though saffron is a completely ‘processed by humans and processed for humans’ plant product, still there can be some side effects related with its consumption.  Though most of us can’t afford to consume it in an access, still its consumption in an access can result in minor problems like allergies, miscarriages, nausea, drowsiness, change in appetite etc.  If you observe any such problem taking place with yourself, you should immediately call your doctor and stop taking it.

Diet Plans That Include Saffron:-
1. Saffron is one of those ingredients which are used more as a garnishing, food color or taste enhancer rather than using it as a complete ingredient for making dishes.

2. Saffron is mostly added to milk and boiled so as to add its taste, nutrients and its goodness to the milk. The milk is then consumed to enjoy this goodness of saffron strands.

3. Saffron is also added to Indian cuisines and desserts like the Indian milk kheer (A sweet after food dessert made with rice). People who wish to enhance their skin, scalp or oral health might also think of using it externally as a face pack.

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