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Salt Benefits
Salt Benefits

Healing Power of Salt : How salt can be beneficial for us

Salt or Common salt or table salt is a kitchen spice that is used to add taste to any dish. Normal table salt is nothing else but the same Sodium Chloride that we study about in the books of chemistry. It is a mineral composed primarily of Sodium Chloride which occurs in natural form as crystals. We obtain salt after heating sea water under the sun but this salt is impure as there are many impurities added in it. Pure salt is separated from this impure salt by the process called crystallization. Salt can also be obtained otherwise from salt mines. Salty taste is one of the most basic human tastes but if we talk about the other purposes that common salt serves, it is rich in many health benefits and medicinal benefits which make it one of the most essential ingredients of a normal human kitchen. It is also one of the most important old food seasonings ever known to mankind. Let’s talk about some benefits, diet plans and safety precautions related with this kitchen ingredient now:-

Health Benefits Of Salt:-
Salt is extremely healthy for us, ‘homo-sapiens’. Salt has a plethora of health benefits hidden in it for humans. Besides being rich in minerals and nutrients, salt helps in regulating, enhancing and normalizing many activities in the human body:-

1. Salt is used in the process called saponification which is one of the best ways available for soap making. Salt is used as the main ingredient in making soaps and thus it can help a person maintain personal health and hygiene through products made using salt.

2.  Sea salt is rich in hardly available trace minerals which prove beneficial for human body. Salt works well against the problem of muscular cramps and enhances the health of your muscles.

3. Electrolytes like Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium etc. are also present in sea salt which helps in regulating your heart beat and help fight electrolyte imbalance.

4. Salt enhances the functioning of your brain, muscles and nervous system.

5. Salt enhances the absorption of vitamins and minerals like calcium, zinc, iron, folate and B12 etc. in the human body. Thus the absorption of nutrients in the body gets enhanced by consuming salt.

6. Salt regulated the water content throughout an individual’s body and promotes a healthy pH balance of cells.

Medicinal Benefits of Salt:-
The benefits of salt do not end with just being beneficial for health and rather salt is also beneficial as a medicine for humans. Salt fights diseases like goiter and thyroid disease. It enhances the production of stomach acids and provides a medicine or tonic kind of effect for the human body.

1. Iodised salt is used as a medicine against diseases related to disfigurement of body parts.  Iodised salt prevents diseases that can occur to a person because of deficiency of iodine and thus keep him immune against such problems.

2. Having an imbalance of salt in the body can result in low or inadequate production of Hcl in human body. We know that Hydrochloric acid is essential for the breakdown of food, thus Salt helps in maintaining proper digestive health and proper breakdown of food. Salt has the power to alkalize the body.

3. Salt is used as an air purifier, particularly the Himalyan salt which is also used in making salt lamps and in the treatment of sinuses. Salt is also used in netipot water.

3. Salt regulates your heart beat and blood pressure. It balances the blood sugar level and saves you against diabetes.

4. Salt promotes vascular health and promotes libido. Salt regulates sleep and promotes bone health.

5. Salt water gargle proves helpful in sore throat problem. We can gargle with salt water for almost all throat related problems. Salt proves beneficial against the build-up of mucus as well.

6. Salt promotes a healthy weight and fast metabolism. It supports thyroid functioning and supports balanced hormones in humans.

Diet Plans That Include Salt:-
Most of us are habitual of mixing salt with dough used for making chapattis. We also mix it while boiling/frying or processing vegetables. Salt is also mixed with lemon juice and sugar in water to make Oral Rehydration Solution or ORS. Besides this, salt is included in the following diet plans:-

1. Salt is majorly used as a preservative. Salt is sprinkled on bitter gourd slices before frying them to reduce the bitterness of bitter gourd.

2. Salt is the best known preservative for meats, vegetables and fruits. It can also be added to canned foods to keep them preserved against rancidity.

3. Without salt, every cooked vegetable seems tasteless. People use salt as both, a preservative and flavoring agent. We can’t always eat sweet and we sometimes need something salty and something sour as well.

4. Salt promotes insulin sensitivity and thus diabetic patients also find themselves relieved with the usage of salt.

Safety Precautions While consuming salt:-
Salt consumption is normal for you till you consume it in a normal or controlled amount. If consumed in an excess, salt can result in various disorders as well. Salt should always be consumed in a normal and limited amount. If any side effect or non-favorable sign/symptom is observed with the consumption of salt, you should immediately consult a health expert about it:-

1. Excessive consumption of salt can lead to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases in humans.

2. People consuming salt in an access can become a patient of hypertension or blood pressure problem. They should consume a low sodium and high potassium diet to overcome this situation.

3. Excessive consumption of salt can lead to the puffiness of eyes or what we call the problem of ‘eye bags’. In this condition, the extra salt consumed gets collected under the human eyes and makes them look puffy.

4. If someone is allergic to salt or consumption of salt leads him to experience non-favorable symptoms, he or she should stop consuming salt immediately and consult with a doctor or health expert afterwards.

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