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Serious passion
Serious passion

Why the persons with Serious Passions And Hobbies Make The Worst Partners?

Some people have very serious passions and hobbies. For example, someone might like adventure sports like Scuba diving, Bungee Jumping, Mountaineering, river rafting and canoeing etc. while someone else might like biking, dirt racing and other such activities. The love and crush for such serious passions and hobbies in people works like an impediment when they are in a relationship and often these hobbies become a reason for the break-up as well. Here are some reasons why people with serious passions and hobbies make the worst partners:-

1. Such People Find Less Time for Their Partners:-
When you have a serious passion or hobby, you are very likely to devote much of your time in doing things you are passionate for and thus you find less time for your partner. In fact, some people get so insane towards their passion that they are even ready to sacrifice their relationship for the sake of their passion and thus they make worst partners.

2. Health Issues and Lack of Athletic Ability in the Other Partner:-
If you like a specific sport or an activity, this does n’t means that your partner should also do the same for your sake & even if you wish that your partner should also adopt the same taste, this can’t always happen because of health issues and lack of athletic ability in the other partner.

3. The Comparison with Other Couples Works like a Drawback:-
When you are more diverted towards your interest or your hobby, this works like a drawback in your relationship as your partner often feels neglected and starts feeling alone. This makes your partner compare your relationship with the other happy couples who are enjoying quality time together. Less conversation in your relationship thus serves to be an impediment and you prove to be a worse partner in such condition.

4. You Often Get Too Tired To Even Look After Your Partner’s Needs:-
Even if you try your best in keeping the relationship surviving, you still aren’t able to give your best to your partner as you often get too tired when you get back home. Your hobbies often leave you with less time to look after your partner’s needs and thus the partner thinks that you have either got changed or you are having an external affair. This gives rise to doubt, suspicion and blames which spoils your relationship further.

5. You Get Less Time to Spend With Each Other:-
When you are indulged in a specific interest of yours, you often find less time for your partner. I had a friend who was crazy about mountaineering. He would spend months living in the mountainous regions while tracking and doing all other such activities of adventure sports. As a result, his wife started feeling alone as she was not having an athletic build-up like him and as she had to stay home because of the same reason. His wife filed a divorce case against him and this ended their marital life. Now she is living happily with another guy who spends every drop of his sweat in keeping her happy. No doubt my friend was a worse partner for his wife as he had his partner in his passion and not her.

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