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7 Excellent Home Remedies to Treat Night Fall, Premature Ejaculation

Night fall is also known by the names like Nocturnal emissions, Wet dream, Night orgasms etc. It is the human nature that we experience ejaculation in case of males and vaginal wetness in case of females in the form of orgasms at night. This does not happens to anyone in the age of Adolescence but after reaching the age of puberty, humans experience it. Premature ejaculation is when a man experiences orgasm and expels his fluid (semen) soon after establishing a sexual contact with the female and when both of them are not able to enjoy quality sex with each other because of an early climax. People expect a delayed climax during sex to enjoy quality relationship and thus there comes a need to look for the ways to treat problems like night fall and premature ejaculation. Some such ways can be mentioned as follows:-

1. Treatment of Premature Ejaculation with Juices:-
Juices like Gooseberry juice, Blueberry juice, Bottle gourd juice etc. have the power to boost sexual stamina in men. Consuming these juices on a daily basis cools the internal body heat and boosts your sexual immunity. Consuming these juices prevents premature climax and cools your body system to prevent night fall problem. These juices should not be consumed in an excess as excessive consumption can lead to diarrhea as well. These juices rather keep you hydrated for a long period of time and keep you energetic for a long go.

2. Garlic and Onions for Better Sexual Health:-
When taken in the form of salad/paste or sauce along with food, garlic and onion have the capacity to control premature ejaculation and night fall. Both these members of the onion family are rich in ‘Allcin’, an ingredient that speeds and boosts up sexual drive in men. It also regulates the flow of blood to male sex organs and makes their sexual experience a quality time to enjoy. If you don’t like the taste of these veggies, you can consume them in the form of a juice mixed with other fruits or vegetables also.

3. Milk, Eggs and Other Such Dairy Products:-
All the dairy products like Milk, eggs, Curd etc. if consumed daily can work miracles for your sexual health. Consuming eggs daily boosts about the production of sexual hormones in men and treats them against premature ejaculation. A cup of milk a day mixed with almonds soaked overnight consumed in a Luke warm state treats you against wet dreams. Oats reduces problems like anxiety and stress and it makes you feel more active during sex.

4. Herbal Treatment of Premature Ejaculation: – 

Herbs with the power to treat premature ejaculation and night fall include the names like celery, fenugreek, sage etc. Consuming a cup of sage tea everyday reduces your chances of nightfall. The content of Androstenone and Adrostenol present in celery treats you against premature ejaculation. You can also consult an herbalist for a better usage and understanding of these herbs if required.

5. Dark Chocolates to Stimulate the Flow of Blood:-
Dark chocolates have the power to stimulate the flow of blood to male sex organ and thus dark chocolates if consumed have the power to treat a male against premature ejaculation. They contain an amino acid called L-Arginine Hccl that has the power to control the production of hormones in human body.

6. Fruits and Vegetables Which Strengthen the Male Sexual Health:-

Fruits and vegetables like Avocadoes, Carrots, and Asparagus etc. have the power to boost male sexual health. The Vitamins and Minerals rich in these fruits and vegetables boost the level of male hormones and strengthen the penile muscles. These delay your sexual climax and make you enjoy even more during sex.

7. Nuts, Beans and Mushrooms:-
Nuts of all kinds are beneficial for sexual health. This includes the names like Almonds and Walnuts at the top as they are rich in proteins and Zinc which is a natural cure for premature ejaculation. Beans and Mushrooms are also rich in the same content. They boost about your sexual drive and make you last longer in bed. These ingredients also serve to be a great cure for sexual impotency, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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