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Sexual life Tips
Sexual life Tips

Sexual Health Tips: How to Maintain a Better Sexual Life

Marriage is an eternal bond that no power on the earth can break and this bond gets strengthened furthermore with physical intimacy. ‘Physical relationship’ for a couple is like glue for a paper slip that keeps both the partners close to each other. In order to live a perfect sexual life, one needs to have a proper sexual health. To live a better sexual life, one partner just needs to take every sort of care about the other partner’s needs, feelings, emotions, likes, dislikes, fantasies and desires. In order to maintain a better sexual life, you need to look after your health as well as the health of your partner and simply every other aspect that makes your partner feel satisfied. Some such sexual health tops to maintain a better sexual life have been mentioned here by us:-

  1. Sex Is N’t Violence: –
    Yes, sex is not violence. Some people literally kill suffocate their female partner in order to make sex. They should n’t do so. One can start by talking with the other partner about sex making sex. You can begin with the topic like likes, dislikes or any other such topic and then you can ask the other partner about having sex or building a physical relationship with each other. Sex is not violence and rather it is a game, it is an art. You can’t make sex when the other partner is not willing to do so. Forceful sex is not a relation and rather it is called rape. So you should have mercy on your partner and you should first try to build love and trust in your relation and then only you should ask the other partner for sex.

    2. Spend Some Quality Time Together:-
    Eat a healthy diet so that you may stay immune against health disorders, stay fit and don’t bring your workload home so that ‘tiredness’, ‘anxiety’ and ‘exhaustedness’ might not appear as a victim to you. After ensuring all the above factors, try to spend some quality time with your partner so that he/she may feel more attached with you. This will give you a chance to ask for establishing a physical relationship as ‘sex’ is simply the next step of ‘love making’.

    3. ‘Satisfaction’ and ‘Respect’:-
    While having sex, ensure that your partner is satisfied with you. Remember not to make your partner feel disrespectful while doing this. Don’t abuse your partner while making sex and don’t do drunken sex with your partner. Instead you can use encouraging words of sexual motivation or sexual techniques for a better seduction. Layer some honey or chocolate syrup sometimes on your partner’s body and lick it like anything. This will give you both an ultimate desire while having sex. You can use oil sometimes as a lubricant if needed.

    4. Cuddles, Hugs, Kisses and Foreplay:-
    Cuddles, hugs and kisses serve to be an initial step of love making. Just carry your female partner in your arms, kiss her like a beast, take her in your bed room, cuddle with her, caress her and go for a sexual foreplay with each other first. Then comes the turn of sex. Remember, foreplay is like a warm-up exercise for sex. Always begin having sex with foreplay to last longer in bed with your partner.

    5. Be careful about your food, workout and exercise:-
    I always advice my readers to be careful about the food they consume and the exercise they do to enjoy quality time and quality sex with their partner. Consuming sexual health booster herbs and medicines might also prove to make some added help in this direction. Never do sex when you are already exhausted or tired after office. Make sex in the morning when you wake-up if you get tired in the evening after office.

    6. Don’t become a victim of porn:-
    People who watch porn for sexual seduction get habitual of achieving an arousal with the body, figure and curves of a professional model. Such people can’t achieve a sexual arousal with their partner who doesn’t looks like a professional model thus having a negative effect on their sexual life and thus one should never become a victim of porn in order to boost his/her sexual health.

    7. Play sexual games:-
    The best way of enjoying quality sex with each other is to play sexual games with your partner. Take a few chits of paper and write the names of various parts of body on those chits. Now throw those chits on the bed and ask your partner to pick a chit out of those chits. Kiss, smooch, lick and caress your partner’s body part which is the same as the name on that chit and repeat the same procedure initially in order to achieve an arousal. This will make you last longer in bed and after playing this initial foreplay game; you can go further wild while making sex.

    8. Blow air in your partner’s ear:-
    When you take your partner in the bedroom, blow ear in his/her ear as a gesture of sexual naughtiness. Begin by caressing, cuddling and kissing various body parts and remember to speak a little bit dirty while talking. This will serve to act as a signal that you are interested in having sex with the other partner and soon you can begin with the other approaches.

    9. The perfect compliment and the perfect aroma:-
    The room you choose for having sex with your partner should have proper lightning arrangement in it. The curtains should be of proper color and you can also spray a perfume of favorable aroma in the room. Remember not to be silent while making sex and rather keep passing compliments for each other. Begin by saying that your partner has a great body and that you keep craving to get a glimpse of it. You can choose other similar kind of compliments to boost the sexual desires of your partner.

    10. Try not to let a fight turn into quarrel:-
    Even if you have small fights in your relationship, try not to turn those fights into big quarrels. Learn to say an immediate sorry with every small fight as this would increase respect you have for each other. While making sex with a female partner, Find her g-spot and give it a press with your finger. Use your tongue sometimes to lick various parts of her body. Know what your partner wants to hear and when your partner wants to hear. Use Blindfold sometimes to have an adventure. Learn some better sexual poses for better pleasure and follow all those approaches in the bedroom.

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