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Beutiful Skin Health
Beutiful Skin Health

Proven Tips for maintaining better Skin Health

Healthy skin is everyone’s dream as healthy skin attracts everyone’s attention. An Individual’s skin gets unhealthy because of several reasons. Some such reasons include the ones like increasing pollution, dirt, dead cells, oily skin, clogged pores etc. Even the make-up products and creams these days are more chemical than natural. In such a world of chemical products, a person is always at a risk of skin damage. Skin is the foundation of youth and youngness. It is also the foundation of beauty. One should always look presentable in parties, conventions and meetings. Perfect skin adds half your luck and charm at such places. In order to get your skin perfect for such places, you should always be careful about your skin health. In order to maintain the health of your skin, you should be careful about the following few tips:-

1. Eat Organic only:-
21st century is the age of synthetic and chemically produced vegetables. The organically produced vegetables and fruits act as a boon for human skin in such times. In order to maintain the health of your skin, the first need is thus to switch to organic product in place of chemically produced/ processed or synthetically produced items.

2. Save yourself in the Sun:-
The rays coming out from the sun steal the softness of your skin during winters. The sun burns your skin and turns it black. In order to cope up with these ill effects of the sun, thus you should save yourself against it by using sunscreen lotions and sun shade creams etc. You should keep your hands and legs covered completely with cloth. If possible, use umbrella under the sun.

3. Drink Enough Water:-
According to the experts of skin, the more you stay hydrated, the more your skin stays healthier. According to a report, an individual should consume at least two liter water a day to cure him against the ailments of skin. Drinking more makes you perspire more and thus more sweat comes out of your body opening the clogged pores and controlling the temperature of your body during summers. Drinking enough water is also a remedy against the problem of eye bags.

4. EatFood Items Rich in the Content of Antioxidants:-

Antioxidants prevent the growth of cancer spreading harmful free radicals in the human body. These also prevent the process of ageing and wrinkles. An individual should thus consume products like blueberries, pomegranate, Goji berries, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate etc. to combat the skin health spoiling factors like ageing and winkles as these products are very rich in the content of antioxidants.

5. Cleanse your skin multiple times a day:-

Lemon juice is the best natural skin cleanser available in the market. Just use knife to turn a lemon into two halves and then use a halved slice of this lemon to cleanse your skin. This will remove the dirt, dead cells and oils from the pores of your skin and it will prevent your skin pores from getting clogged with them. Clogging of skin problems is a cause of 90% skin disorders and thus when your skin pores are cleansed, it ensures better skin health.

6. Chose your skin products wisely: –
Skin care products these days are more chemical than natural. Some skin products contain so harsh chemicals that they repeatedly deteriorate your skin each time you use them. Before purchasing any such item, please research for its customer reviews over internet and don’t forget to read its chemical composition and list of ingredients. Don’t choose any product which is excessively rich in chemical products as chances are that these chemicals might harm your skin instead of making it healthy.

7.  Use fash wash multiple times a day:-

Double cleanse your skin with a good everyday face wash each time you move out of house in the morning. Also follow the same process again when you come back to your house in the evening. If you are habitual of driving multiple times a day through the pollution of city, you should wash your face with a good face wash each time after your drive to get rid of the pollutants that clog your skin pores when you are driving through the pollution of city.

8.  Start eating Vitamin-C rich products: –
Eating Vitamin-C rich products enhances your skin tone and reduces your risk of a disease called scurvy. The peel of these Vitamin-C rich fruits and vegetables can be used as a skin pack after drying. For example, whenever you eat an orange, just take out its peel and let it get dried under the sun. Now convert this peel into powdered form and then mix it up with glycerin to use it as a face pack or face mask. This will treat your skin against all minor disorders of skin and will make it healthy and glowing.

9. Avoid sugar to avoid wrinkles: –
Those who are very fond of sugar and sugar rich products always become an easy prey to wrinkles and other such skin problems. Consuming sugar in an access leads to damaged collagen and elastins, which in turn cause wrinkles. You should control and reduce your consumption of sugar to avoid wrinkles.

10. Keep cleansing the toxins:-
Our body produces some harmful toxins which if not removed, prove harmful for its health. These toxins can build up because of food, air, water or any other such factor. Some such factors also result in the ageing of skin. Drink maximum water each day in the morning to get rid of these harmful toxins from your body.

11. be less stressful:-
Some people are habitual of taking their office problems to home. Excessive workload gives rise to stress and this spoils the health of their skin as well. A tired person never looks appealing or presentable. We earn to reduce stress and not to earn stress. Be less stressful while working and enjoy your leisure time with friends and family members. This will add a certain glow to your skin.

12. Moisturizing, cleansing and toning:-
Proper moisturizing, cleansing and toning, these are the three main steps to the health of an individual’s skin. Be careful about cleansing it regularly. Use a good astringent for your skin. Moisturize it regularly to keep it soft and moist. Your skin will be 100% healthier like this. Meet a derma specialist if any skin problem occurs and be careful about every sign that occurs on your skin.

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