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skin pigmentation
skin pigmentation

Natural Remedies for Skin Pigmentation At Home

Skin pigmentation refers to the disorder of skin in which a person experiences a variation of skin in the form of a loss of skin colour or reduction. Sometimes the skin is not able to produce melanin and sometimes it is produced in an access. Both these conditions can result in the pigmentation of skin. This might also result in skin pigmentation. In some cases, a development of Ugly patches on various parts of the concerned person may also be seen.   Some people may also develop dark spots on their skin when suffering from this condition. Medical treatment of this condition proves very costly.  Let’s have a look at some home remedies which can cure you against this condition while saving this huge sum that otherwise you have to pay in the form of medical treatment for the cure of this disorder.

1. Almond and Milk to Cure Skin against Dryness:-
The dryness of skin can result in pigmentation. If we work on bringing back this removed dryness, we can easily treat the pigmentation that results because of this dryness. In order to treat your skin against dryness, soak some almonds in water overnight and then remove their skin. Now add some cream or milk in a grinder along with these pre-soaked almonds and blend the mixture. This mixture will act as a kind of natural moisturizer for your skin and it will treat your skin against pigmentation that results because of dryness in a favourable way.

2. Use Guava for Dark Pigmentation:-
People suffering from dark pigmentation can use guava as a home remedy against this disorder. Using pulp of guava daily on the affected skin as a skin pack can reduce this dark pigmentation and treat it against dark pigmentation. This pulp should be kept applied for at least half hour on skin before washing. Strawberries can also be used to bring about the same kind of desired effect.

3. Avocadoes for Hyper Pigmentation:-
Avocadoes rejuvenate the skin and heal it back to promote skin health. Avocadoes have a rich content of fatty acids, oleic acid and Vitamin C which is found beneficial for skin health. Similar kind of effect can be achieved if you have vinegar at your house. Application of vinegar on the pigmentation affected area will help to enhance the health of skin and to make it clearer. People with extra sensitive skin should avoid using vinegar as it might also come up with side effects in their case.

4. Potatoes to Lighten the Pigmentation:-
Potatoes help to lighten the skin against pigmentation. They act as a natural exfoliator for skin and prom.ote the skin health. Rub slices of potato on the affected part of skin daily to lighten this pigmentation more with each day.  You can also grate the potatoes to obtain juice from them. This juice can be applied daily on the pigmentation affected areas to get rid of skin pigmentation.

5. Lemon as a Skin Lightening Agent:-
Lemon is one of the best skin cleansers and one of the pest skin pigmentation lightening medicines. Women can also use it to clear pregnancy stretch marks because of the same skin lightening property that a lemon possesses. If you have tried everything with no satisfactory results, Please try a lemon juice application once. Plus a lemon is also rich in Vitamin-C which is one of the most needed essentials for the cure of skin pigmentation.

6. Use Papaya to Exfoliate the Skin:-
The enzyme papain in papaya is an expert exfoliator for human skin. Just grate a papaya and squeeze a handful of it to obtain the papaya juice or extract. You can also juice it up directly in a juicer. Now apply this juice on the pigmentation affected area and it will cure you against pigmentation within just a single month of regular application.

7. Vitamin-E, a pro for skin health:-
Bring some Vitamin-E capsules from the market and apply the content out of these capsules on the pigmentation affected area. You can also use the juice of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin-E if these capsules are not available. Mix some castor oil in Vitamin-E before applying it on the affected parts of your body. This will make your skin smooth and reduce the amount of these patches from it making the skin revived once again.

8. Apply Turmeric as a Skin Exfoliator and Repairing Agent:-
Turmeric provides an anti-inflammatory kind of effect against the skin affected with pigmentation. It acts as a perfect exfoliating agent against skin.  There is a content called curcumin in turmeric which acts as a strong antioxidant. Turmeric also prevents the damage caused by free radicals to skin as it has an abundance of antioxidants in it. These antioxidants remove the extra oxygen present in body and keep the skin healthier.

9. Use Aloe Vera to enhance the formation of new skin cells:-
Aloe Vera plant is specialised to survive in an environment where less water is available for nourishment. You can grow this plant in a single pot in your house even if you don’t have a kitchen garden. Regular application of the juice/extract from this plant has the power to enhance the formation of new skin cells and to repair the dying cells. It also makes the skin lighter and spotless.  It acts as an awesome cleansing agent for skin.

  1. Sandalwood Powder to Heal the Skin:-
    Sandalwood powder has the property to heal wounded skin. It can make the patches disappear with its regular application. Sandalwood powder promotes healthy production of melatonin and keeps your skin free from pigmentation. You can make a mix of sandalwood powder and turmeric to use it as a daily face pack. If you have oranges or peel from eaten oranges, you can dry the peel out of these oranges under the sun to convert it in the form of powder. This orange skin powder can also be mixed while making the skin pack. Orange is rich in Vitamin-C essential for skin repair against pigmentation.


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