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sperm count
sperm count

Natural Supplements to increase sperm count

As cell is a basic unit of life, we can thus take a sperm as the basic unit for the ascent of the human reproductive cycle. Only One in a million sperm succeeds to fertilize the female ova and hence the reproductive cycle successfully takes place and ends in the birth of a baby. Sperm is the human male product of sexual excitement essential for female fertilization and hence it is one of the most essential parts of the reproductive cycle. After entering in his forties, a male experiences a fall in his sperm count. This prevents him from being able to become a father. In order to avoid the fall of sperm count, one should work on increasing it and he should focus on keeping the sperm level normal. In order to increase his sperm count, a male can follow the following remedies:-

1. Reduce your ill habits:-
Some people have an irresistible habit of chewing tobacco, consuming drugs and smoking cigarettes. These ill-habits reduce an individual’s sperm count and thus you should avoid these ill-habits if you have them. Even if you consume alcohol, it should be consumed in a controlled amount. People who are habitual of staying for long in hot water baths can also experience this problem to some extent. Heat also reduces an individual’s sperm count. It is better if you completely leave these habits. If you can’t leave these habits all off a sudden, you can reduce your dependence on these drugs day by day.

2. Beware about the Elasticity of Your Underwear:-
If your underwear is extra tight, this can make your lower half feel suffocated and this can also have an adverse effect on your sperm count. You should wear every sort of tight clothing in your wardrobe. The chemicals like PCB’s, DDT’s, Dioxins, Pesticides etc. and other such pollutants can also reduce your sperm count level. Stay away from such chemicals and xenoestrogens to improve your sperm count. Switch to organically produced food items rather than chemically produced substitutes.

3. Avoid Consuming Estrogen Booster Foods:-
There are two main human sex hormones. One is Testosterone and the other one is estrogen. Estrogen is essential for females and Testosterone is essential for males. There are some food items specialised to boost female hormone called estrogen. You should avoid consuming these food items and instead you should consume the testosterone booster food items. Some food items convert testosterone into estrogen. These food items should also be avoided.

4. Use Non-Bleached products:-
Bleached coffee filters, bleached paper, napkins, toilet paper or tissue paper increase your chances for exposure to dioxin.  This also includes the other names like chlorinated tank water, chlorine bleach and other such products. Instead of using bleach, one can depend on the other substitutes like hydrogen peroxide. Stay away from bleached products and all the other products mentioned above to increase your sperm count.

5.  Avoid Junk, Processed or Dehydrated Food Items:-
A prolonged eating of junk food items, processed food items and excessively dehydrated contents can bring about a downfall of your sperm count. This includes the products like burgers, French fries, and chips etc. You should avoid consuming such food items to improve your sperm count. Beside this, you should also avoid the usage of synthetic deodorants, perfumes and cosmetics.

6. Increase Your Intake of Food Items Rich in Antioxidants:-

It has been clinically proven that if a person consumes maximum amount of antioxidants in his/her diet, he or she will have an improved sperm count. Some animal products like chicken, beef and pork etc. contain high level of fats. These should also be avoided. You should also eat eggs and drink juices like sugarcane and amla juice etc. to increase your sperm count. Add Turmeric to the milk you consume at nights. This will provide an added improvement. You can also add nuts, raisins, cashews and almonds to your list of snacks.

7. Work Out On Your Diet:-
Work out on your diet and add a plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes to it. Avoid products rich in additives and preservatives. Also avoid the products like chips and dried items. Your diet should not be rich in fats. You should try to maintain an ideal weight and you should have your food in time. Being deprived of a proper diet can also result in reduced count of sperms. If you consume milk, you should shift to cow’s milk instead of buffalo’s milk.

8. Add Exercises and Workout to Your Schedule:-
Try to maintain a healthy weight by doing exercises in any form. These can be the aerobic exercises, the gym based exercises and even the other kind of exercises. You can join a gym as well but the workout you do should not be done in an excess as even an excessive workout can result in a health problems. Every exercise you do should be done in a perfectly monitored manner.  You should begin with minor stretching based exercises and then you can increase the toughness level. Kegel and Pelvic exercises should also be practiced time to time.

9. Try Herbal Sperm Boosters:-
Many kind of herbal sperm booster substitutes are available these days in the market. You can rely on these healthy herbal sperm boosters to achieve about the desired results. You can also rely on shilajeet, which is a gummy product obtained from the rocks of Himalayas. You should increase your intake of Vitamin-C and Zinc through food. This includes the names of fruits, vegetables and other products like oranges, oysters, wheat germ, legumes, nuts etc.

10. Add Nutritional Supplements to Your Diet:-
Nutritional supplements like Arginine help a lot in improving erections for males. Nutritional supplements improve motility and bring about a rise in the level of male sperms. Nutritional supplements should always be taken after getting them recommended from an expert. You can also get one such nutritional supplement for yourself after getting it recommended from a doctor.

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