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teeth sensitivity
teeth sensitivity

What is Teeth Sensitivity and how to cure it !!

Whenever you eat something cool or hot and it makes your teeth hurt, the condition is called a sensitivity of teeth’ Teeth sensitivity is a very unbearable state sometimes for some people as it prevents them from eating everything. This might result to a person because of lack of dental care, weakness of the tooth enamel and because of several other such causes related with oral or dental health. If you are also facing this sensitivity of teeth, it’s the high time you follow the following remedies to cure it in a better way:-

1. Don’t Take Your Tooth Enamel lightly:-
Thought tooth enamel is the hardest protective layer of the human tooth but still it can become weak with a prolonged eating of sugar and sugar rich substitutes. A continuous depletion of this layer can expose your nerve endings and when these endings get exposed, everything you eat will cause sensitivity to your teeth.

2. Avoid Extra Sugary Foods:-
Avoid food items like soda and acidic products or drinks. Avoid foods rich in the content of sugar. Instead of these items, you can start eating fiber rich products or honey, cheese milk and other such products. The food you consume should not be extra cool or hot. It helps you get relieved against the sensation that such products leave with your teeth.

3. Avoid Brushing Your Teeth badly:-
Brushing your teeth in an improper or hard/harsh manner can also spoil your oral health. You should scrub up your teeth slowly and steadily with your brush moving its bristles in every direction. Use a tooth brush with soft bristles for better results. Use an Ayurvedic herbal paste for your teeth. If your teeth have become extra sensitive, shift to sensodyne or any other such tooth paste meant for sensitive teeth.

4. Use Baking Soda to Fight Plaque Formation:-
Mix some baking soda in mustard oil to make thin paste and then use this paste with your finger against your teeth. You can also use a brush with soft bristles to do so. Add one teaspoon of baking soda in half glass of water and fill your mouth with it. Now keep it in your mouth for some time and then split it. This will reduce the formation of plaque on your teeth. Guava or spinach leaves when boiled in water can also be used as an herbal Ayurvedic mouth wash against sensitivity.

5. Salt and Pepper Paste:-
Mix some pepper with a teaspoon of salt and then add some water or oil drop by drop to make paste with it. Now use this mixture on the teeth/s which has become a victim of tooth sensitivity. Repeat the same process everyday to get relieved permanently.

6. Lemon Juice Mixed With Asafoetida:-

Squeeze a lemon to obtain juice from it and mix powdered asafoetida in it. Dab a cotton ball in this solution and put it over the affected tooth. You will get relieved against sensitivity problem. Onion or garlic juice can also be used for the same purpose. Both these vegetables have antibiotic, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties in them which make them a pro against tooth sensitivity.

7. Use Vanilla Extract to Get Instant Relief:-

Vanilla extract is the same extract that we use for making ice creams and cakes. It is used as a flavouring agent in most of the drinks and dishes. It provides a soothing and relieving kind of effect against tooth sensitivity and because of the same reason, we can use it for the treatment of sensitive teeth. Just mix a teaspoon of vanilla extract in water and dip a cotton ball in this juice. Now keep this cotton ball over the affected tooth and leave it for some time. You will get relieved against sensitivity problem like this.

8. Use Wheatgrass Juice to Fight Tooth Depletion:-
Wheatgrass juice works awesomely against tooth depletion and tooth decay. It is antibacterial in nature and it can be used as both, a mouth wash as well as a remedy against sensitivity of teeth.  Take some wheatgrass juice and dip a cotton ball in it. Keep this cotton ball over the tooth which has experienced sensitivity and you will soon experience relief against sensitivity problem.

9.  Garlic and Rock Salt Paste:-
Crush some cloves of garlic and then add powdered rock salt in these crushed cloves of garlic. Mix well to form paste and then apply this paste inside your mouth one by one on all sensitive teeth. This will provide you an instant relief against sensitivity of teeth. The same can be done by using a raw onion and rock salt.

  1. Use Neem Tree or Babool Tree Branches as Daatun:-
    Indian people since ages have been using an herbal tooth brush called datum. This tooth brush is made by plucking thin branches of neem or babool tree and then after removing the leaves from that branch. The juice out of the skin of both these trees is a perfect remedy against tooth sensitivity. Though bitter in taste, these daatuns can save your mouth against many health problems.11. Do Oil Pulling With Coconut Or Castor Oil:-
    Doing oil pulling with coconut oil or castor oil is one other better tooth treatment strategy that can be adopted in case of tooth sensitivity, For this approach, you just need to fill your mouth with some coconut oil or castor oil and then you need to keep swishing it round in your mouth for four to five minutes. Avoid swelling this mixture in and then spit all of it in the wash basin. This remedy works well against the formation of plaque inside mouth and prevents oral problems like toothache and bad breath. It also relieves your teeth against the problem of sensitivity. After doing oil pulling, you can brush your teeth like you do it regularly.12. Use Oregano Oil on the Affected Tooth:-
    Oregano oil is rich in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which make it a pro against sensitivity of teeth. Dip a cotton ball in oregano oil to apply this oil on the affected teeth and keep it applied for some time. Brush your teeth regularly after fifteen to twenty minutes and you will soon observe favourable effect. Try to maintain oral hygiene and be careful about the formation of plaque on your teeth. Keep brushing your teeth at least two times a day and soon you will be able to say good bye to sensitivity of teeth.



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