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How to get thicker eyebrows
How to get thicker eyebrows

How to get Thicker Eyebrows Naturally at home : Natural Home Remedies

Eyebrows consist half of your facial beauty. The shape, size and thickness of your eye brows really matters a lot when we talk about facial beauty and especially, the beauty of the eye. Expectations for shaping eye brows depend from individual to individual. Some wish to make their eyes thick, while others wish to make them bold. Nobody wishes to have thin eye brow till it is not very much thick. Thicker eyes brows are in trend these days. They suit both, one’s face as well as attire and personality. If you also wish to make your eye brows thick, you can take the help of following remedies to thicken your eye brows naturally:-

1. Nourish Your Eye Brows with a Blend of Castor Oil:-

Castor oil is used in making a variety of cosmetic and facial products.  It is one of the oldest and fastest remedies for an individual’s skin.  Castor oil is rich in the content of proteins, antioxidants & Vitamins etc.  It nourishes your eyebrow hair and makes them thick with time. In order to use Castor oil for thickening your hair, just massage a few drops of this oil daily on your eyebrows using your fingertips. Keep the oil applied for thirty minutes and then rinse off your face with warm water. This will make your eye brows thick with time.  You can also use some other oil like coconut oil or olive oil for this purpose.

2. Start Using Kajal on Your Eye Brows:-

In order to shape a baby’s eye brows at the very initial stage of its life, a mother uses natural black Kajal on the surface o her baby’s eyes while drawing an imaginary line with that Kajal to guide the growth of eye brows accordingly. Same can be done using Kajal on eyebrows regularly in the case of adults as well.

3. Use Onion Juice to Make Your Eyebrows Dense:-
Onion juice is rich in the content of sulfur, Selenium, Minerals, B Vitamins and C-Vitamins. All these constituents are very essential for hair growth. The presence of these contents in onion juice makes onions the best kitchen essential for the growth of your eyebrow hairs. Though having a pungent smell, an onion can strengthen the hair follicles of your eyebrows and make them denser with time.

4. Egg Yolk to Nourish Hair of Your Eye Brows:-
Egg Yolk is rich in the content of proteins and proteins nourish your body as well as your hair. Egg yolk is not just rich in proteins but it is also rich in the content of biotin which mkes your eye brows grow more with time. You can use egg yolk as a natural hair treatment for yourself. This will nourish your eyebrows and makes them grow more each day.

5.  Fenugreek Seeds to Make the Eyebrow Hair Healthy and Shiny:-
Avoid plucking your eyebrow hair even if they have become white in color. According to facial health expert Mr. Yogesh Sharma, the health of your eye brows adds half the thickness you desire. People with healthy and shiny eye brows often look better. Consuming Fenugreek seeds can make you achieve this kind of improvement with your eyebrows. It rather also enhances the rebuilding of hair follicles and enhances their growth in a favorable way.

6. Petroleum Jelly to Help Retain Moisture:-
You must have heard about the product ‘Vaseline’. It is a skin product made using petroleum jelly. The same petroleum jelly can be bought in use in order to help the eyebrows retain some extra moisture and when this moisture resides in your eyebrows, they look thick naturally. Petroleum jelly rather also prevents moisture in your hair as well as on your skin and thus you can use it as a moisturizer also.

7. Aloe Vera to Promote Growth of Eye Brow Hair:-
Aloe Vera contains Aloenin which is essential for the growth of hair. Now as this content is present in Aloe Vera, we can use its juice or Aloe Vera gel to promote the growth of eyebrow hair. It improves the elasticity of hair and rejuvenates them with better nourishment. Aloe Vera juice is available easily on all Ayurvedic herbal stores and it can also be grown easily at home.  Besides this, you should consume all the food items rich in content of biotin like eggs, avocadoes, salmon etc.

8. Use Lemon Juice to Enhance Your Eyebrow Health:-
Lemon juice is rich in the content of Vitamin-B, Vitamin-C, folic acid and other such nutrients which prove helpful in cleansing anything. Besides this these nutrients also help to promote hair growth. You can follow this lemon remedy daily to thicken your eyebrow hair naturally. Remember not to go under the sun for some time after applying lemon juice. Keep combing your hair regularly as this separates smudge and other particles struck between your eye brow hair. You can also choose some good hair brush for doing so.

9. Use Milk and Milk Cream to Retain Moisture:-
You can enhance the health of your eyebrows using milk and milk cream. Milk is rich in the content of proteins which nourish your hair follicles and make your eye brow hair thick with time. Milk is used in making various skin care products because of the same reason. You can also apply milk or milk cream using cotton balls on your eyebrows to make them thick and to help them retain moisture.

10. Avoid Doing Excessive Make-Up:-
Some people are habitual of doing make-up aggressively. Aggressive make-up slows down the growth of your eyebrows and thus you should wash your make-up before going to bed for sleeping. You should massage your eyebrows regularly to improve circulation of blood in that area and to enhance hair growth. This also improves the thickness of your hair and adds shine to them. Sometimes, excessive usage of lotions or creams on eye brows can also result in blockage of hair follicles. Thus you should also avoid doing this.


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