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How to treat Tinnitus
How to treat Tinnitus

Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies for Tinnitus

Some people complaint of hearing sounds when there is no sound heard or present. This happens to a person like a stage of madness where a person hears a clicking/hissing or roaring kind of sound when there is no external sound present.  The sound might be low pitched or high pitched depending from person to person. A person might report this sound to be heard from one ear or even both.  This also results in anxiety and depression in some people. Tinnitus can result to a person because of a number of causes but whenever you experience it, the following remedies can be bought in use to cure it in a better way:-

1. Ginkgo Biloba to Enhance the Circulation of Blood:-
Ginkgo Biloba plays a very important role in improving an individual’s circulation of blood. This in turn reduces the ringing sensations felt by an individual. Thus Ginkgo Biloba can work like an ideal remedy for the treatment of Tinnitus.  If you are experiencing these sound sensations because of an underlying infection or any other such factor, Ginkgo Biloba will help you fight against that factor because it is rich in antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it an ideal remedy against such troublesome factors.

2. Avoid Staying in an Environment with Loud Noises:-
If you have been living in an environment where you have to stay in contact with loud noises for a prolonged period of time, this can contribute to hearing loss and ear problems. People with their houses close to air-ports, construction sites, roads and railway stations often experience such problems. Sound of more than 80 decibels is not fit for hearing. If you are habitual of hearing songs over an ear phone with full volume, this might also prove to be an underlying cause of Tinnitus in your case. Avoid hearing loud noises as much as you can. If your working environment is not noise free, you should switch to some other job soon.

3.Pour Some Warm Mustard Oil in Your Ear:-

Heat some mustard oil and let it cool down so that the temperature becomes bearable for your ears. Now pour this oil drop by drop in each of your ears in the amount of three to four drops only. Lie straight in your bed for a while and follow the same approach every week. Abstain from drinking, smoking and other such addictions including drugs. This will prevent Tinnitus from being worsened in your case.

4. Drink Some Apple Cider Vinegar Solution:-
Apple Cider Vinegar works like an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory agent. Thus it can work like an awesome medicine against any supposed underlying infection that might have resulted in tinnitus. Apple cider vinegar also has the power to balance the alkaline level in the human body. A single spoon full of apple cider vinegar mixed with water and a favorable amount of honey if consumed
2-3 times a day is thus supposed to cure tinnitus in a better way.

5. Pour Some Drops Of Basil Juice in Your Ear:-
Basil is considered a holy plant in Indian religion and customs because of its medicinal properties. The same properties make it an effective agent against tinnitus also. Pluck some leaves from the basil plant and then put those leaves in a blender to make thick paste. Strain to extract juice and put a few drops of that juice in your ears. Repeat the same process at least twice or thrice a day to relief yourself against ear pain and sound sensation in your ears.

6. Use Onion Juice to Treat Any Underlying Infection:-
Onion has antibacterial and medicinal properties in it which make it an ideal ingredient to be used in the treatment of Tinnitus. Just chop one small onion in small pieces and microwave them for a few minutes. Once cooled; strain the juice out of these onions and pour a few drops out of this juice in your ears. Leave the juice inside for a few minutes and then let the juice drain out. Practice the same remedy at least twice or thrice a week to get relieves against Tinnitus.

7. Garlic Juice as a Remedy:-
Just like Onions, Garlic cloves also show medicinal kind of effect against Tinnitus.  Sometimes, a person experiences Tinnitus because of a change in weather.  Using Garlic in such a time has the power to help you fight those changes in the temperature. It helps in reducing inflammation and in improving the circulation if blood. Just fry a few garlic cloves in some sesame oil or mustard oil and let the oil get cooled down. Pour a few drops of this oil in your ear and it will relieve you against Tinnitus in a better way.

8. Saline Solution To Clear The Blocked Nasal Passages:-
Sometimes if one of your ears or nasal passages gets flooded with water while bathing or by an accidental exposure to too much water in your ears, this might result in a blockage of nasal passages or ear and this might make you feel like you have become a victim of Tinnitus. In such cases, you should use saline spray in your nasal passages to cure them against the fluid blocking these nasal passages. For water clogging your ears, you can stuff some cotton in the outer area of your ears and bring the affected ear in downward direction to let the water eject out from your ear.

9. Use Masking Devices and Hearing Aids:-
Sound therapy options in the form of masking devices and hearing aids are also available which can be used to cure Tinnitus partially. Or to dull the intensity of unwanted sounds. These devices are designed to increase or decrease the intensity of sounds the way you want.  Using natural sources of light noise such as fans, humidifiers etc. which generate less noise can also comfort you a bit.

10. Go for Sound Proofing Options:-
Sound proofing options like using curtains in the house; using wooden furnishing in the house and decreasing the usage of those appliances that result in loud noise when switched on can increase your chances of experiencing problems like Tinnitus. In order to spare yourself against such problems, sound proofing thus always serves to be the best option.


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