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tooth care
tooth care

Tooth Care : Amazing Healthy Diet Foods for strong Gums and Teeth

Gums and teeth play an important role in maintaining the overall health of an individual’s mouth. Bleeding gums, yellow teeth, depleting oral health and problems with the mouth is what everybody hates and thus it is very essential to maintain oral health and hygiene. Brushing, flossing, dental care and other such approaches can be applied to maintain overall oral health. We can also use floss or a mouthwash to enhance the health of our gums and teeth. These approaches keep us away from tooth decay and gum diseases. In order to enhance the health of our gums and teeth, we can adopt the following habits in our diet.
1. Avoid Consuming Acidic Food Items And Beverages:-

Consuming acidic foods and drinks can cause a slow depletion or erosion of your tooth enamel.  Calcium and Phosphorus are the building blocks of tooth enamel. We should keep consuming a diet rich in these essentials to enhance oral health. Pumpkin seeds, red meat, cheese, yoghurt, milk, almonds and other such products rich in the content of Calcium and Phosphorus should be added to an individual’s diet to enhance oral health and to ensure healthy teeth and gums.

2. Consume more and More Water to keep cleaning your mouth:-
Consume more and more water to keep cleaning your system. Do gargles with salt water to reduce bacteria from your mouth. Start chewing crunchy food items to help your mouth produce more saliva. Saliva neutralizes the bacteria and hence enhances your oral health. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day to observe favourable results.
3. Have Vitamin-C to Strengthen Blood Vessels of Your Gums:-
Vitamin C strengthens the blood vessels of your mouth and relieves you against any kind of inflammation that you are experiencing. Vitamin-C helps in the production of collagens. It guards your teeth against sensitivity problem and prevents pain and bleeding in your gums. It rather also prevents bacteria from your mouth and enhances oral health. Some products rich in Vitamin-C are, Oranges, kiwi, strawberries etc. you should add these fruits to your diet to ensure health of your teeth and gums.
4.  Consume Probiotic and Antioxidants to fight inflammation:-

Probiotic foods and antioxidant rich food items help you to fight bad bacteria. They also help in reducing inflammation and infections.  Probiotic reduce the chances of formation of plaque on teeth and protect gums and tissues against cell damage.  You can thus add Probiotic like yoghurt, curd, kombucha and butter milk etc. to your diet along with the fruits and vegetables rich in the content of antioxidants.


5. Consume Raw Onions to fight bacteria of mouth:-
Raw onions have the power to fight bacteria in your mouth. Though some people associate garlic eating with bad smell and take it as a culprit behind the odour of mouth but still it has antimicrobial properties and thus it can help you fight the problems like tooth decay and formation of plaque on teeth. Onions can rather also be eaten as a salad along with the regular chapattis while consuming a meal.

6. Consume Dairy Products Like Cheese and Milk:-
We have mentioned it earlier also that Calcium is very essential for the health of your mouth and teeth. You should thus consume ingredients rich in Calcium in maximum amount to enhance the health of your gums and teeth. Most of the dairy products are rich in this nutrient and thus you can rely on dairy products for maintaining your oral health. One such product is cheese which helps in lowering the acid level of your mouth. Chewing cheese also stimulates the production and flow of saliva in your mouth which is essential for your oral health.

7.Consume Fish and Meat to prevent gum problems:-

If you are a non-vegetarian person, consuming products like fishes and meat can also prevent teeth and gum problems from happening to you and thus you should give them a place for sure in your diet plan. Both these ingredients are rich in the content of Vitamin-D. Consuming such products provides you with the nutrition that oral health demands and keeps you away from dental and oral health problems.

8. Start consuming Nuts and Berries to strengthen your teeth: –

Consuming nuts, berries, almonds and other such products can really save you against dental and gum related problems.  Nuts are packed with Calcium, Phosphorus and other such nutrients that enhance your oral health.  The other such products like almonds, cashews etc. help in fighting the bacteria that resides in your mouth.  Consuming berries like strawberries would provide you with the desired amount of Vitamin-C which is again essential for whitening and brightening your teeth.


9. Black Coffee and Green Tea to enhance your overall oral health:-
People recommend green tea for weight loss but I recommend it rather for oral health as well. Green tea has the power to fight tooth problems and gum problems. Same is the case with black coffee. It has the power to protect your teeth against decay and other problems like formation of plaque on teeth. Normal tea made adding crushed ginger root or ginger juice in it has the power to soothe you against inflammation of gums. Ginger is rather one of the best healing herb for your mouth and thus you can add it to your diet chart to enhance your oral health.


10. Leafy Greens and Salad Greens to enhance the production of saliva:-
Salad greens are a healthy choice to make. They keep our mouth clean and are rich in the content of fibre which requires you to chew it properly for its breakdown. Chewing enhances the production of saliva to your mouth and this results in the flow of more saliva in your mouth. Saliva fights bacteria of mouth and thus prevents gum and teeth problems. Because of the same reason, you can add leafy greens and salad greens like spinach, celery etc, to your diet to prevent bacteria related problems from happening in your mouth.





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