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Amazing Benefits of TurmericAmazing Benefits of Turmeric
Amazing Benefits of Turmeric

Amazing Health/Medicinal Benefits of Turmeric and their Side Effects

Turmeric is one of those kitchen spices which have an awesome medicinal value for humans. Turmeric is generally added to vegetables while cooking them to impart color and thus, turmeric can be taken as one of the food coloring agents as well as spices used in the kitchen.  Besides this, turmeric is used as a remedy in various ailments and disorders.  Turmeric is also called ‘Indian Saffron’ by some people because of the awesome medicinal health benefits that it is rich in. Turmeric is actually a perinneal member of the ginger plant family. Turmeric has a warm, bitter taste for which it is used as a food flavoring agent. It has also been given a place in Indian customs, rituals and traditions because of its medicinal value. Let’s have a look at some such aspects related with Turmeric:-

Health Benefits Of Turmeric:-
Turmeric has countless health benefits for an average human being. It promotes your sex life, boosts your immunity and works as a medicine for every wound you have. Some such health benefits of turmeric are as follows:-

1. Turmeric is extremely beneficial for you if you wish to kick start your sexual life. Consuming milk added with turmeric regularly really has the power to do this for you.

2. Turmeric is the natural treatment of fatigue. You won’t ever suffer from fatigue if you add turmeric to your diet.

3. Turmeric is a working home remedy against soreness in the mouth. It works well against infections because of its disinfectant properties.  

4. Curcumin content in turmeric has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in it. It enhances skin repair and reduces the growth of harmful free radicals in the human body. These harmful free radicals can otherwise bring about a growth of cancer cells and thus prove harmful for the human body.

5. According to a survey, curcumin can help to lower down the risk of heart attacks in people as well. Turmeric has cancer fighting properties which make it a awesome ingredient against cancer.

6. Arthritis patients find turmeric very useful for them as it works as a natural anti-inflammatory medicine against this disorder. Turmeric works well against the problems like depression and aids other such disorders like stress and anxiety.

7. Turmeric works well against age related chronic diseases. It prevents ageing and has a positive kind of effect for skin. People mix turmeric in their face packs and skin packs to enhance, repair and promote their skin health.

8. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic agent. It can also be used as a disinfectant in the treatment of cuts and burns. Turmeric also has the power to reduce your risk of developing diseases/disorders like Leukemia also.

9. Turmeric detoxifies your liver naturally. It is a natural pain killer and detoxifying ingredient of every ideal kitchen.

10. Turmeric helps in weight management and fat metabolism.  Turmeric promotes the growth of new cells when a person is suffering from tumors.

Medicinal Benefits of Turmeric:-
Besides being beneficial for human health, turmeric also proves medicinally helpful for a person. Here are some such medicinal benefits of turmeric:-

1. Turmeric is a working remedy against the problems like pain in joints and pain of stomach.

2. It has also been bought in use since ages for the cure of diseases like Arthritis, Crohn’s disease and Dyspepsia.

3. Turmeric provides an internal and external healing kind of effect to a person consuming or externally applying it. This is why it has been bought in use for the cure of problems like ulcerative colitis and all major skin problems, wounds etc.

4. People suffering from intestinal gas problem and bloating problem can also use it as a remedy against the disorders they are suffering from.

5. Kidney works like a tonic for kidney and Liver. Our references have proven its effectiveness in surgeries like by-pass surgery also. Turmeric proves to be a great option in the treatment of lung infections.

6. Turmeric works well against skin irritation and radiation treatment.

7. A glass of Luke warm milk added with some turmeric powder works well for healing internal unseen wounds.

8. Turmeric works well against fever, cold, infections and menstrual problems. It works well also against the problem of sprains and swelling.

9. People use turmeric also as a treatment of stomach/intestinal worms.

10. Turmeric can be applied externally on the skin after mixing it with the other ingredients like orange peel powder, rose water, sandal wood powder etc. to enjoy derma benefits and to heal the rashes, scars, aging wounds and other similar skin problems.

Safety Precautions Related With Turmeric:-

Just like everything else you consume, turmeric also comes with some limitations and thus it should not be consumed in an uncontrolled amount at all.  Here are some side effects of excessive turmeric consumption:-

1. Some people have reported a few adverse reactions after consuming turmeric in an access. Actually, turmeric has a warm kind of effect and if consumed in an access, this can result in minor side effects.

2. Susceptible individuals might also develop the risk of kidney stones with consumption of turmeric in excessive amounts. 

Diet Plans and Recipes That Include Turmeric:-

Here are some diet plans and recipe plans that include turmeric:-
1. Turmeric is used in the making of perfumeries. It is also used as a flavoring agent and coloring agent in the food industry and dying.

2. Suppose you have recently met an accident and there are more unseen wounds than seen wounds on your body. In such a time, the doctor would recommend you consuming turmeric added milk for a better and faster recovery against the same.

3. Turmeric is added while cooking vegetables, rice and other such eatables to impart yellowness to the food cooked.

4. People also use turmeric as an ant-repellant remedy. A skin pack called ‘ubtan’ is made with turmeric which has been given a place in Hindu customs related with marriage.

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