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vitamin e rich foods
vitamin e rich foods

Natural Rich Sources Of Vitamin E Thorough Which We Can Improve Our Health

Vitamin-E is a Fat soluble nutrient found in many food items. As it is fat soluble, it helps our body in several ways. It saves our body from the damage caused by cancer spreading free radicals. It makes the blood thinner and prevents blood platelets from clumping. It helps the skin to retain moisture for long and it also helps in the treatment of scars, acne, wrinkles and other such issues. In short, Vitamin-E is a pro for health and this is why many people these days have adopted it in the form of capsules also. To get your daily dose of Vitamin-E, you never need to purchase any medicinal supplement from a medical store and rather you can get it from natural resources, some of which can be named as follows:-

1. Sunflower Seeds are the best source for E-Vitamins:-
Sunflower seed is the fruit of sunflower. Sunflower seed is eaten in the form of snacks as a part of meal. Sunflower seeds contain as much as 35mg of E-Vitamins per every hundred grams of it.
You can eat them roasted or even raw in the form of salad. Food item called sweet potato in both, boiled as well as roasted forms is also a very rich source of E-Vitamins.

2. Almonds and Hazelnuts, Vitamin-E in your hands: –

Nuts are thought to be something meant just for garnishing cakes and cuisines but the fact is that nuts can help you get your regular requirement of Vitamin-E also. Nuts like Almonds include as much as 28gram of E-Vitamins per ounce. The others in this list include the names like seeds like sesame seeds, Caraway seeds, Pumpkin seeds etc. and nuts like Pine Nuts, hazelnuts, Pistachios, pecans, walnuts etc.

3. Seasonings for Vitamin-E:-
Seasonings and spices like paprika, pepper, coriander etc. are very rich in the content of E-Vitamins. This also includes the name of a spice called Oregano which is used as a seasoning for pizzas, patties and burgers. Oregano oil is also available these days in the markets and you can use it in both the forms to fetch your requirement of Vitamin-E

4. Spinach and leafy greens for Vitamin-E:-
Cooked spinach is the best source for Vitamin-E when we talk about leafy greens in specific. A 100gram intake of cooked spinach provides our body with 2.1mg of Vitamin-E. Spinach is rather also rich in iron and thus people suffering from deficiency of iron can also take it. The other vegetables in this direction include the names like Collards, Kale, Mustard Greens, Turnip greens and Swiss Chard etc.

5. Fruits like Avocadoes, Squash Etc:-
Fruits like Squash and Pumpkin as well as their seeds, both are rich in the content of E-Vitamins. Every 100 gram of Avocadoes contain as more as 2.5 grams of E-Vitamins in them. Though Avocado is also rich in calories and thus you should watch out if it exceeds your calorie chart before consuming.

6. Vegetables like Broccoli:-
Every hundred grams of broccoli is rich in approximately 1.5mg of E-Vitamins. It is rather one of the best detoxifying food items as well. Eat it boiled, or eat it cooked any way you like, Broccoli will always be the best kitchen vegetable for you to get your requirement of E-Vitamins.

7. Fishes like Salmon and Shellfish:-
Shellfish is simply a water dwelling animal that can be eaten as food. Most of the shellfishes are obtained from the sea and thus you can find them easily if you are living in a coastal area. A shellfish gives you approximately 2.2 mg of Vitamin-E per 100 gram of intake. Crayfishes and oysters can also replace shellfish if it is not available in your region. Fishes like Salmon are also rich in Vitamin-E.

8. Corn oil and Olive Oil for Vitamin-E:-
Oils like Olive oil and Corn oil serve to be the best source for E-Vitamins. 100gram Olive oil contains as much as 15 gram of E-Vitamins in it & 100gram Corn oil contains as much as 14.3 mg of E-Vitamins in it. This amount is approximately 70-75% of the daily intake need and thus we can say that this amount is itself enough for a person’s daily intake need of E-Vitamins. The other oils like palm oil are also beneficial in this direction. 1tablespoon of this oil contains 2.2mg of Vitamin-E in it.

9. Butternut Squash and Kiwifruit:-
Butternut squash or butternut pumpkin/butternut gramma is a sweet, nutty pumpkin kind of winter squash with yellowish skin that grows on a vine. The pulp, seeds and juice of this winter squash is rich in the content of E-Vitamins. Every 100 gram of this winter squash contains as much as 1.45mg of E-Vitamins in it. For every 100mg, Green raw kiwifruit contains as much as 1.46mg of E-Vitamins in it while on the other hand, gold kiwifruit contains as much as 1.49mg of E-Vitamins per every 100mg. kiwifruit is rather rich in many other health fortifying properties that make it a pro for an individual.

10. Other Food Products Rich in E-Vitamins:-
The list doesn’t end here my friend. There are many other food products/items like Beans, wheat bread, soybean and green peas etc. which are very much rich in the content of E-Vitamins. E-Vitamins are essential for health but this does not means that you start consuming these food products in a more than limited amount. Everything consumed in an access has more side effects than health benefits and thus you should consume these products in a limited amount or an amount lower than the daily value.

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