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treatment of vommiting disorder
treatment of vommiting disorder

Aayurvedic Brilliant Home Remedies to cure Vomiting

Vomiting is a forceful expulsion of contents of the stomach which takes place because of a contraction of the muscles of stomach. This process is also called emesis in the language of science and it is called retching if you are experiencing this contraction but nothing is coming out. Vomiting is one of the most common digestive disorders in humans. Sometimes, it can also take place with an individual because of an improper diet or because of food poisoning & infections. Pregnant women also experience it sometimes. Let there be any reason why you are experiencing vomiting, still it is not a serious disease at all and you can easily overcome it with some simple aayurvedic home remedies. Some such home remedies are as follows:-

1. Take some ginger and onion extract:-
Ginger is a remedy since ancient times given to cure vomiting and to enjoy an immediate relief. To use ginger as a cure for vomiting, just mix an equal amount of grated ginger and onion to make a paste. You can also extract the juice of both these ingredients to mix it well. Add a few drops of honey afterwards. Drink this juice/consume this paste after an interval of each hour to get rid of vomiting instantly. Ginger tea can also be consumed to achieve the same kind of benefits. Dry ginger or Saunth can also be used to make a working decoction against vomiting.  Ginger is added in tea because of the same reason.

2. Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy:-
To stop vomiting instantly, one can consume a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar as well.  Just mix some apple cider vinegar in water and honey and it works well like a potion against vomiting. Apple cider vinegar should be taken in moderate or low amounts for making this remedy. If apple cider vinegar is not available, you can also lick the honey directly. You can instead also mix some basil juice with honey to enjoy the same kind of benefits.

3. Consume some Peppermint and salt:-
Mint/Peppermint when consumed in the form of juice with salt or when consumed raw has the power to stop vomiting instantly.  ‘Pudina’ which is the Hindi name for Mint can be easily purchased from any vegetable store and it can be grinded well to squeeze it and juice it in water to make a working remedy for vomiting. If you have experienced vomiting because of an upset stomach, Mint suits the best in such cases. Making mint tea with some fresh leaves of mint added in hot boiling water is also another remedy to cure vomiting. This tea should be consumed at least twice a day to cure vomiting. Fresh leaves can also be consumed directly.

4. Lick a Lemon slice sprinkled with salt:-
Take a lemon and slice it in two halves. Now sprinkle some common salt or ‘Namak’ over it and keep licking this slice. This is the best working remedy for motion sickness and vomiting because of motion sickness. You can also use lemon in the form of juice mixing it well in a glass of water with some common salt to consume it in the form of Lemonade. This is also a working remedy against vomiting.

5. A combination of Carom Seeds and Cloves:-
Carom seeds (Ajwain/Thymol) and Cloves (Laung) together make a working remedy against vomiting. Just grind both these ingredients and mix well in water with sugar or simply lick it after mixing it well in honey.  This will aid you against digestive problems and also cure vomiting.  You can also chew cloves directly in order to cure yourself against vomiting.

6. Consume Basil leaves or Basil Syrup:-
Basil is a holy plant which has been worshipped since ages for the medicinal value it has. Basil leaves can be consumed directly or we can consume it in the form of extract after adding it with honey.  The power of decoction gets increased once we add Pudina (Mint), Saunf (Fennel seed) & Cardamom (Ilaaychi) to it.

7. Nutmeg with Rice Water decoction:-
Nutmeg is called Jaiphal in Hindi. When consumed with rice washed water, it works like a decoction in treating vomiting. You can also lick it with honey to get an instant relief. Nutmeg can be used as a working remedy against motion sickness and height sickness also. The other spicy ingredients like cardamom etc. can also be used for the same.

8. Rai for Food Poisoning:-
Sometimes, we experience vomiting because of food poisoning or because of eating something which has experienced rancidity. Vomiting is good for an individual if he/she has experienced vomiting because of food poisoning. This eliminates everything bad from the body and as soon as the poison gets discharged from the body, the person gets alright. Rai can also be used as a remedy if someone consumes/inhales poison of any kind.

9. Try the Cardamom Remedy:-
In Cardamom remedy, one is advised to consume cardamom (Ilaaychi) mixed in honey. One can also heat a few cardamoms in a pan and convert it in powdered form to consume with honey. This remedy should be consumed at least twice a day to get instant and quick cure against vomiting. Cardamom can be mixed in powdered form with honey or ginger juice to consume it for an immediate effect.

10. Have Some Peach Bark Tea:-
If nothing has worked in your case, just have some peach bark tea. Sometimes we vomit because we have consumed something unwanted or undesired in the body. This can be because of an alcohol overdose or because of an ill consumption. Sometimes a consumption of poison might also result in the same. In such cases, vomiting is good for health and instead of trying to prevent vomiting; we should try to do forceful vomiting. Sometimes we vomit in an excess because of alcohol consumption. Peach bark tea suits best for an individual in such cases. If nothing works, just eat some slices of bread as bread has the power to soak liquids.

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