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weak memory treatment
weak memory treatment

What is Weak Memory : Aayurvedic Home Remedies for Weak Memory !!

Some people find it really hard to remember things. One time they would forget key closed in their car and the other time they will forget their mobile phone on the shop. Some people have so poor memory that they can’t remember even the simple dates, days and other such occasions. Some are so dumb that they don’t even remember petty things like completing their regular household works etc. Memory gets affected by several factors. This includes sleep deprivation; stress; depression; bad habits like smoking or drinking and nutritional deficiencies. Some have a weak memory because they don’t try to boost their memory with memory boosting exercises. Weak memory can really become a problem if you don’t work on it and thus you can bring the following home remedies in use to bring about a boost to your weak memory:-

1. Eat Almonds to boost your memory:-
Whenever someone forgets something, we always advice the concerned person to eat almonds. This is because Almond is a great excellent aayurvedic remedy to improve brain power. The antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids present in almonds help it boost brain power and memory. Almonds are good not just for the brain but for the eyes and the body as well. Soak a handful of almonds each day while sleeping at night in water and then consume those almonds after waking up in the morning.  It is better if you peel the skin first and then make a paste of these almonds to mix it up with milk for drinking. This treatment also has the power to cure you against short term memory loss (Amnesia) and Cerebrasthenia.

2. Use the herbal rosemary treatment:-
Rosemary is an herb that can be used to improve weakening memory in a person. It has an aroma which has a working effect. It improves a person’s ability to remember. Just take a few rosemary leaves and put them in a teapot full of hot water. Now inhale the fumes coming out from the mouth of the teapot and doing this regularly will surely bring about the desired results in improving your memory.

3. Consume Shankh Pushpee as a Tonic for Brain:-
Shankh Pushpee is an herb that works like a tonic for the human brain. It not only improves your memory but also enhances the process of mental development in humans. Shank Pushpee has been mentioned a working brain booster remedy even in the books of Aayurveda being helpful against memory loss.

4. Use Brahmi to Stimulate and Normalize Your Nervous System:-
Brahmi suits the best for those who wish to stimulate the flow of blood in their body. It is beneficial for those having weak memory in a way that stimulated blood flow in the human body normalizes the nervous system which means that you will experience less problems related with memory. Consuming two to three teaspoons of this juice daily can make you recover against memory loss very quickly.

  1. Practice Meditation and Yoga:-

Meditation and Yoga are a perfect combination for you if you wish to cure yourself against the problem of weak memory. Meditation and yoga don’t only work as an exercise but also help your body to relax and have a properly normal flow of blood. Think positively and have a control on your senses. Let your mind and senses work with a perfect control and coordination.  Sometimes, our brain is not functioning normal because we are not paying much attention towards it. Our brain needs to exercise as well. We should not over-stress it or be depressed about something to overcome the problem of weak memory.

6. Consume Amla or Indian Gooseberry:-
Indian Gooseberry or Amla can be used to enhance the memory power and if consumed daily, it has the power to increase your memory power as well. Amla has the power to strengthen your nervous system and to enhance the flow of blood in your body. Most people consume Marmalade made of Amla and Amla churna because of the same reason.

7. Nigella Sativa or Black Seed Kalonji for boosting the brain power:-
Kalonji has great mind sharperning and brain power boosting properties in it. Consuming it in powdered form daily has the power to improve your memory, cognition and concentration power better than any other memory boosting capsule. Add some Kalaunji in honey and consume a teaspoon of this mixture daily. This will spare you against the problem of weak memory in a better way.

8. Use Oils Like Fish Oil and Coconut Oil:-
Fish oil and coconut oil, both have the power to boost your weakening memory and cognition.
The levels of omega-3 fatty acids in these oils is high and they also work as a perfect memory boosting substitute. Adding such oils to your diet spares you against the problem of short term memory loss or amnesia and also against other such disorders.

9. Consume some Cinnamon daily:-
Cinnamon or Dalcheeni which is the powdered bark of a tree has the power to relieve a person against nervous tensions. If you have a weak memory power, it has the power to boost your thinking ability and cognition.  Consuming it in powdered form with honey normalizes the functioning of your brain and treats you against a majority of memory disorders.  Cinnamon can also be added to tea in order to consume it or better results.

10. Play mind games:-

Games like Chess, Ludo, carom etc. involve an individual to use his/her thinking power so as to play them. Sports like kabaddi, Hockey etc. also include the use of strategy and team work for playing them. You can thus add such games and sports to your life so as to make the use of most of your brain.  You can also begin by solving riddles and puzzles which come printed daily in the newspaper.
The best such puzzle is the crossword puzzle and the SUDOKU puzzle both of which prove to be an awesome workout exercise for the human brain. You can also solve puzzles and riddles online to improve your brain power.

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