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white hairs
white hairs

5 Excellent Home Remedies for White & Dull Hairs

Dull. Rooting out and white hair make you look quite awkward. People try several approaches to cure these white, uprooting and dull hair as otherwise it makes them face complexed in public. Sometimes, it is better not to uproot hair with split ends as it result in the occurrence of even more hair with split ends. Dark and dull hair often makes you look old. In such cases, the chemical products, gels and hair dyes can make the situation even worse. Some of these chemical products are also rich in the content of Ammonia which is very dangerous for your hair health and makes your hair prone to hair fall. In such a time, you can use the following home remedies to cure your rooting out, white and dull hair.

1. Application of Henna:-

Henna or Mehandi is a powder good for the growth of your hair. Just take a utensil made of iron and mix some henna powder and water in it to make paste. Keep this mixture aside for a couple of hours. Now mix some egg yolk well in it while stirring with spoon and then apply this mixture on your hair. Now let the henna mixture get dried on your hair and then rinse it afterwards. Shampoo your hair now and condition them with a good conditioner. Your hair will get strengthened against all hair problems.  If your hair lack hair nutrition, mixing this henna with some yoghurt while applying will nurture and nourish your hair with added proteins also.

Heena Mehendi

2. Give Your Hair the Neem Treatment:-

Neem has bacteria fighting; virus fighting, fungus fighting and hair cure properties in it. It is good for skin as well as hair and approximately all of us have a neem tree in our surroundings. If you also have a neem tree in your neighborhood, just pluck some leaves, seeds and a portion of bark from this tree and boil them in your bathing water. Now let the water get cooled till its temperature gets bearable and then use this water for bathing. This won’t just enhance your hair health but skin health as well.

Neem leaves
Neem leaves

3. Massage Them with Castor Oil and Neem Oil:-

I have felt it personally that the presence of chemicals in hair products makes your hair weaker and weaker day by day and thus it is better to check these products for the presence of chemicals before using. Rather it is better if you use the products that do not carry any chemical content. One such product is fuller’s earth. It is available at very cheap prices in the market. You can use fuller’s earth for washing your hair to make them free from the reaction of all chemical products and make them free against hair problems.

Neem and Castor oilNeem and Castor oil


4. Eggs and Yoghurt:-

Eggs and yoghurt can also be applied directly on the hair as both these dairy products contain a significant amount of proteins. Just apply one of these dairy products daily on your hair at least half an hour before washing them and then have bath like you have it regularly. Now Shampoo and condition your hair and comb them the way you want.  Choose hair products rich in the content of Reetha for better results. Avoid using soaps and shampoos with chemical products and Hair Dyes with the content of Ammonia in them.

Eggs and yogurtEggs and yogurt


5. Amla and Shikhakayi for Better Hair Health:-

Amla or Indian Gooseberry has a high content of Vitamin-C and antioxidants in it. Mix some lime juice and Amla juice and apply it daily on your hair at least one hour before bathing while massaging it well on your hair. You will experience less problems related with the scalp. Another such remedy includes making a mix of amla juice and coconut oil to use it for a scalp massage. Shikhakayi itself means fruit for hair as shikha means ‘hair’. Shikhakayi since centuries has been used in making hair oils and hair care products. You can use shikhakai juice or Shikhakayi oil directly on your hair for hair and scalp problems. For additional hair care, you can massage your hair on weekly basis with mustard oil from tips to scalp thoroughly.

Anwala and Shikakai
Anwala and Shikakai

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