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Home Remedies for whooping cough
Home Remedies for whooping cough

Amazing 10 Minutes Home Remedies for Whooping Cough

Whooping Cough can be taken as a bacterial infection that gets into a person’s nose and throat and spreads very easily. Though there are vaccines to prevent it but still it can prove to be one of the worse problems in children and adults. The symptoms of whooping cough can vary from mild coughing, sneezing, runny nose and fever.  Whooping cough can prove to be very dangerous for babies; especially the smaller ones. In such a time, you can relieve the sufferer against whooping cough by following these simple remedies:-

1. Ginger to wipe Out the Bacteria:-
Ginger is rich in antibacterial properties that make it able to destroy the bacteria which acts like a root cause behind ‘whooping cough’. It is an excellent expectorant and it has the ability to boost and enrich a person’s immunity. Thus one can use ginger as a cure against whooping cough. To use ginger like a cure against whooping cough, you will need to mix freshly extracted ginger juice with honey.  The juice can be consumed later as a cure against whooping cough.

2.  Turmeric Therapy to Fight Infections:-
Turmeric is not just a food color or spice. In fact, it is an awesome internal healing agent as well. Turmeric is rich in antibacterial and antiviral properties which make it act like a medicine against whooping cough. Consume turmeric added in hot milk at least twice a day to achieve better results. Some turmeric based supplements are also available on leading medical stores which can also be used for the same purpose.

3. Garlic to Clear the Bacteria:-
As whooping cough is associated with bacterial infestation in most of the cases; the best cure for whooping cough is thus to work on removing the bacteria. Garlic is one such remedy from our kitchens that can help in clearing the bacteria which is a root cause for this whooping cough. The antibacterial and antiviral properties present in it make it effective enough to cure any condition related with bacterial and viral infections. Garlic can be consumed in the form of a paste or in the form of a juice added with honey for better results. Garlic should be added while cooking vegetables to enhance their taste and to make them worth eating to clear the bacteria.

4. Lemon to Thicken the Mucus:-
Lemon can be used to treat whooping cough as well. Just add some honey in lemon juice and add both in a glass of warm water. Drink this juice several times a day to thicken the lining of mucus. Lemon juice and honey; both are rich in antibacterial and antiviral properties that helps them in fighting infections. You can simply lick a lemon sprinkled with salt and honey over it for better results if water is not available.

5. Soups, Warm Milk and Bone Broth:-
Consuming liquid consumables in warm form helps in thinning the mucus. Soups, warm milk and other such consumables containing bone broth can thus really help in the treatment of whooping cough by reducing the inflammation and by eliminating the resulting factors behind this condition.
Bone broth rather supports the entire body and helps in maintaining immunity of a person as well. Thus it can be taken as a working medicine against whooping cough and other such ailments. The more you consume such consumables, the better and quick you can get relieved against problems like whooping cough.

6. Consume Probiotics to Protect the Gut:-

Probiotic drinks have a healthy bacterium that when consumed reaches the human gut and crowds out the harmful bacteria from it. Yoghurt is one such natural probiotic drink. Such drinks can prove really helpful for an individual as they have the ability to protect the human gut and to prevent the problems related with digestion, the bacterial problems and other such problems related with bacterial infections. Probiotics like ‘Yakult’ are also available on medical stores which can be purchased and consumed for the same purpose.

7. Have Some Licorice Root Syrup or Tea:-
Licorice is a medicinal herb that has the power to reduce coughing in humans. It also has the ability to make your body immune. Licorice has the ability to treat microbial infections and to reduce inflammation. Licorice is a working medicine against the ‘sore throat’ condition and if used for short term benefits, it can really help you sustain whooping cough. A decoction made with cinnamon, basil juice, ginger juice and other such spices like cardamom etc. can also be consumed to cure whooping cough. Keep consuming a decoction tea made with these ingredients time to time during the day for better results.

8. N-Acetylcysteine to Make the Phlegm Thin:-
N-acetylcysteine has the power to make the phlegm thin. This makes it easier for an individual to cough up. It helps in detoxifying the concerned individual’s body and in increasing his/her immunity level. N-acetylcysteine can thus be used as a potent medicine against whooping cough and to make it easier for a person to survive this condition. Thinning of phlegm is one of the easiest ways to relieve a person against whooping cough step by step.

9. Oregano, Cedar wood oil and Peppermint Oil:-
Both these oils work like a perfect antibacterial agent and support a person’s respiratory health.
Peppermint oil contains menthol that exhibits antibacterial properties and Oregano oil works like a natural antibiotic. Both these oils can thus be used as a home remedy against whooping cough. The other similar oils like cedar wood oil might also prove helpful in such conditions.

10. Have Proper Rest and Keep Consuming Fluids:-
The best option available when all other options have failed is to take proper rest and to keep consuming fluids throughout the day. Do not engage much in physical activities as else it might make your condition even worse. Prevent whooping cough from spreading by living in a separate room or else the infants and other members of your house might also catch it. Cover your mouth while coughing as else cough might spread to others. Use mask to cover your mouth if possible. Make sure you stay in touch with your doctor for a better counseling and medical care.

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